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Services make remote data calls and hand the results back to Delegates. The diagram on the following page provides a simple overview of the processing flow in a Cairngorm application.

3: Rich Text Editor

The RichTextEditor control lets users enter and format text. The text characteristics that users can vary include the font family, color, size, and style, and other properties such as text alignment, bullets and URL links. The control consists of a Panel control with two direct children:

  • A Text Area control where users can enter text.

  • A Container with format controls that let a user specify the text characteristics. The format controls affect text being typed or selected text.

The RichTextEditor has a default height and width of 300 by 325 pixels and a default minimum height and width of 200 by 220 pixels. If you put a RichTextEditor control in a DividedBox control, make sure that the DividedBox control is large enough to contain the RichTextEditor control at its minimum dimensions. Also, you can explicitly set the RichTextEditor control's minHeight or minWidth property to NaN to let the DividedBox container reduce the control's dimensions to 0.

4: Advanced DataGrid

In any GUI tool, one of the most popular components is the one that shows data in a table format like JTable in Java or DataWindow in PowerBuilder. The Adobe Flex 2 version of such a component is called DataGrid. In any UI framework, the robustness of such a component depends on formatting and validating utilities as well as a whole suite of data input controls: CheckBoxes, ComboBoxes, RadioButtons, all sorts of Inputs, Masks, and so on. Using theatrical terminology, the role of the king is played by his entourage. Practically speaking, touching up the DataGrid is touching up a large portion of the Flex framework. Advanced DataGrid is a new component that builds upon the features of DataGrid and adds many features like multi column sorting interface, cell-level formatting functions, tree view (hierarchical data and grouping data), cell selection, custom rows, column grouping, SummaryCollection and the PrintAdvancedDataGrid.

5: Flex charting Components

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