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Candlestick charts

The CandlestickChart control represents financial data as a series of candlesticks representing the high, low, opening, and closing values of a data series. The top and bottom of the vertical line in each candlestick represent the high and low values for the data point, while the top and bottom of the filled box represents the opening and closing values. Each candlestick is filled differently depending on whether the closing value for the data point is higher or lower than the opening value.

The following shows an example of a CandlestickChart chart:

Column charts

The ColumnChart control represents data as a series of vertical columns whose height is determined by values in the data. You can use the ColumnChart control to create several variations of column charts, including simple columns, clustered columns, overlaid stacked, 100% stacked, and high-low.

A simple chart shows a single data series, where a series is a group of related data points. For example, a data series might be monthly sales revenues, or daily occupancy rates for a hotel. The following chart shows a single data series that corresponds to the percentage growth in sales over four business quarters:

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