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ORIGIN 7.0 and Sigma Plot Graphical software SURFER for Environmental Modelling SPSS for statistical analysis MS Office Working Knowledge with MS Windows platform and Macintosh

Areas of Research Interest

  • Coastal Zone Management

  • Environmental and Marine Biotechnology

  • Environmental Toxicology

  • Global Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Environmental Radioactivity.

  • Trace metal biogeochemistry and Biomagnification.

  • Coastal Pollution and Hazards.

Brief description of the Ph.D Thesis

My Ph.D research focuses on a few key global change problems on a regional coastal mangrove ecosystem level (Pichavaram mangroves, Southeast coast of India), emphasizing their interactions with biota, water, sediments and atmosphere. The proposed study intends to addresses distinct and interrelated scientific goals to:

  • Temporal, spatial and tidal variation of dissolved trace gases (CH4, N2O and CO2) in surface waters of Pichavaram mangroves in order to study Air sea gas exchange.

  • Methane and Nitrous oxide fluxes from Pichavaram mangrove ecosystem in order to study sediment air fluxes.

  • Seasonal changes in Stoichiometric ratio of C:N:P, Chlorophyll.a and Primary production in mangrove surrounding water column.

  • 210Pb derived geochronology of mangrove sediments to study the sedimentation pattern in Pichavaram mangroves.

  • To evaluate the rate of change of Carbon, Nitrogen (C: N: ratio) and metals accumulation in the vertical profile of the sediment cores to identify historical pollution trends Pichavaram mangrove ecosystem.

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