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Ribbed Lace Toe-Up Baby Socks


size x-small preemie (pattern adj shown in bold) double point needles 2.25 mm (US 0)

approx 1/4 oz lace-weight yarn (gauge: 20st/25 r = 2” )

size small (med) preemie double point needles 2.25 mm (US 0)

approx 1/4 oz baby yarn (gauge:18 st/23 r = 2” )

size large preemie (newborn) double point needles 2.25 mm (US 1)

approx 1/2 oz fingering (sock) yarn (gauge:14 st/18 r = 2” )

yarn used in photo: Paton’s Beehive Baby acrylic baby yarn

photograph © 2003 Patti Pierce Stone, all rights reserved

abbreviations: k: knit k2tog: knit two stitches together psso: pass slipped stitch over

ssk: slip two stitches, one at a time, knitwise then knit together through the front of the stitches

© 2003 Patti Pierce Stone, All Rights Reserved

yo: yarn over

instructions: cast on 8/12 (16) stitches (4/6 (8) on each needle). Easy method:

repeat rows 1 & 2 until there are a total of 18/24 (30) stitches on the needles --

NOTE: on last increase round of sizes sm AND large, the increases will only be made on instep stitches. sole stitches should be knit plain.

needle 1:4/6 (8) needle 2:5/6 (8) needle 3:9/12 (14)

knit 10/10 (15) rows, or to desired length minus about 3/8 - 1/2” for heel.

short row heel row 1: knit across first two needles. Knit across needle #3 until last stitch. Bring yarn to front as if to purl, then slip stitch. (1 wrap created -- on purl rows, take yarn to back as if to knit before slipping stitch). Turn.

(remainder of heel will be worked on bottom needles only) row 2: Purl across stitches just worked until last stitch.

row 4: Purl next 5/8 (10) stitches. wrap next stitch, turn.

repeat rows 3 & 4, (working one less a stitch on each row) until 4/6 (6) stitches remain unworked in the center

heel turning: row 1: p 4/6 (6), wrap next stitch, turn (wrapped stitch will have 2 loops)

row 2: k 5/7 (7), wrap next stitch, turn. row 3: p 6/8 (8), wrap next stitch, turn

repeat rows 2 & 3, (working one more a stitch on each row) until all stitches have been worked.

knit one row around

lace pattern (multiple of 6 stitches): modified from Cloverleaf Eyelet Rib Socks for Little Girls by Diana Cintron-


hold the 2 needles parallel to each other, casting on over your thumb 1st on the left, the 2nd on the right and so on.

leg/finishing: knitting on all needles again, knit 2 rows. You may want to redistribute the stitches at this time

rows 1:

k5, p1

row 2:

k1, yo, s1 - k2tog - psso, yo, k1, p1

row 3;

k5, p1

row 4;

k2, yo ssk, k1, p1

rows 5 & 6;

k5, p1


knit around. split stitches onto 3 needles 2-2-4 / 3-3-6 (4-4-8)

rnd 2

: needle 1(instep): k1, inc 1, k across to last 2 stitches,

inc 1, k1. needle 2: k1, inc 1, k across needle 3(sole): k across to last 2 stitches, inc 1, k1

wrap last stitch, turn. row 3: Knit next 6/9 (11) stitches.

wrap next stitch, turn.

needle 1:6/6 (12)

needle 2:6/6 (12)

needle 3:6/12 (6) knit 2/3 (4) sets of the lace pattern above cast off (I like to do this with a larger size needles)

last updated 7/8/2005

This is a pattern for charity -- neither it, nor items made from it, are to be sold! You may provide a direct link to this pattern, but may not copy it to your web site. Photocopies may be made and shared as long as the copyright notice and disclaimer are visible. If you choose to make these for yourself or family, please also consider making a pair for charity! Not sure where to donate them ... check the charity links page at www.p2designs.com

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