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A Degraded Justice: Ontario’s Bill 117 A License to Perjury Submission to the Standing Committee on Justice and Social Policy

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“The Administration of Justice is the most important Pillar of the Good Society.” 1


On behalf of Parents Helping Parents, I would like to introduce both myself and the advocacy service I operate to this respected Committee and also to the Province of Ontario. I don’t wish to stand here and tell you that I am an expert on Ontario court rooms, but I will say that I have been studying Canadian family law issues since 1994 and practiced family advocacy principles that were established and finely tuned in the province of Manitoba. I recently re- established Parents Helping Parents in Alberta upon the request of family rights organizations in this province. Further information about the history of Parents Helping Parents can be provided on request.

Many severe psychoses that are itinerant with disturbed divorce courts were all present in Manitoba, such as perjury, ex parte orders, unsubstantiated allegations of child abuse and domestic violence, satanic ritual outbursts, lawyer misconduct and self enrichment, not to mention gender bias and chronic abuse validation demonstrated by the judiciary and the child welfare system. It was a long list, but when I left two months ago, my case flow was getting so slow on these issues that I felt comfortable leaving my province in good hands. I welcomed with gratitude an invitation from Alberta’s rich volunteer corp. of family rights organizations to join them here in their efforts to get on the track of fairness and gender equality in this province.

I say “volunteer” because there are literally no publicly–funded services for non custodial families – only custodial parents receive government support through public funding with specialized domestic violence against women only programs, women’s shelters, and unfettered access to the courts. I say “rich” because many of the problems I listed above as once occurring in Manitoba, are indeed happening with hysterical abandon in Alberta’s family courts. I think the only thing not present in Alberta is a satanic ritual problem, but every other sickness is infecting the courts with epidemic frequency. It takes exactly that for so many men and women to come forward in a political movement to return justice and equality to the family court. Canadians are not known for their radical natures, but many have risen up to oppose unfair family law practices. This is also true in the province of Ontario, and I am afraid that the proposed Bill 117 will only fuel what is already a raging fire of discontent.

For that reason, I hope to provide this Committee with the view from a province which established one of the first “Zero Tolerance” policies on domestic violence in Canada, and a newcomer’s preliminary observations of the current strains of disturbance found in Alberta, which are causing many people to be permanently harmed by their experiences in the family courts. It is my hope that the province of Ontario will then not make the same mistakes of these two provinces, and save itself from bringing its own system of justice into disrepute.


Inscription on the façade of the courts of justice in Washington, D.C.

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