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Do not permit construction equipment on installed fabric.

3.3 Interlocking Concrete Block

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Install in strict accordance with manufacturers instructions. Lay blocks directly on geotextile in a running bond pattern as indicated on the Contract drawings. Fully interlock blocks. Open end joints not to exceed 5cm. Mortise and tenon joints to be tightened with crow-bar after placement. At sharp changes in alignment and at tie-ins with structures, fill construction joints with approved grout and trowel flush with surface of adjacent blocks. All upstream edge of block system to be rounded into the subgrade 600mm and backfilled. Do not permit construction equipment on installed system without the specific approval I of manufacturer and engineer.

3.4 Reinforcing Wire (if specified)



Following block placement, wire shall be fed through the preformed holes in the blocks. Adjacent pairs of wires projecting from the block system shall be twisted together a minimum of four times and their ends trimmed.

3.5 Anchors (if specified)


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Following the installation of the wires through the system, anchors shall be installed in the subgrade and placed at 900mm intervals, 300mm behind the top row of blocks. Top of anchor shall be 100mm below final grade. Wires are then attached to the anchors. Anchors are then backfilled.

4. DRESSING OF SYSTEM Where specified, the joints and cavities in the system shall be infilled with either (1) topsoil (2) crushed stone 5. PAYMENT 5.I Interlocking concrete block system, including geotextile and reinforcing wire will be measured in square meters, following the contours of the land. No deduction will be made for open areas between the blocks. 5.2

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