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Roland J. Proulx, Jr.

11/8 to 11/9/95 NATIONAL SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL INSURANCE INVESTIGATORS Conducted in Columbus, OH Advanced Insurance Fraud Seminar 16 - Hour Specialized Training Seminar - dealing with various aspects of insurance fraud investigation, litigation, good faith/bad faith, auto & building theft, accident reconstruction and related topics.

5/6 to 5/8/96 THE INSTITUTE OF FORENSIC STUDIES Conducted at Impact General, Inc., Orange, California Biomechanics of Injury from Traffic Collisions 24 - Hour Specialized Training Course - Biomechanical evaluation of injuries from traffic collisions by Frederick J. Kakis, Ph.D., Fred Johnson, Ph.D., Peter Orner, M.D., Ph.D., Jeffrey Wheeler, M.S., and others. A review of basic physics pertinent to traffic collisions, concept of energy, speed change (Delta-v), principles of vehicle restraint systems, vehicle & occupant behavior, basic laws of motion, centered frontal collisions, side collisions, rear end collisions with emphasis on low speed impacts, determining use of seat belts, effects of headrest position, overview of air bags, injury analysis, vehicle dynamics, occupant kinematics, whiplash associated disorders, human subject research, workshop, and applications.

3/27/97 MORRISON, MAHONEY & MILLER, Counselors at Law, Boston, MA Conducted at Braintree Sheraton Tara, Braintree, MA Defense/Insurance Law Update 5 - Hour Specialized Training Seminar - Bad faith litigation in arson and fraud cases, update of Chapter 93A issues and 1997 insurance law updates. Speakers included Adam J. Brand & Audrey C. Parr, Boston, MA; Alice Olsen Mann & Ralph C. Sullivan, CPCU, Boston, MA; Karen T. Hicks, CPCU, Mark S. Dias, James G. LeBlanc, Boston, MA.

4/21 to 4/25/97 INSTITUTE OF POLICE TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL Special Problems in Traffic Accident Reconstruction 27 - Hour Specialized Training Seminar - Attended by accident reconstructionists from the United States, Canada, England, and Australia to receive training in Accident Reconstruction Legal Issues, Motorcycle Accident Investigation; Review and Refresher, Bicycle vs. Vehicle Accident Investigation Techniques; Effects of Tire Compounds in Friction Testing; Commercial Vehicle ABS Brake Systems; Interviewing Accident Victims & Witnesses; Advanced Computer Collision Diagramming; conducted 11 actual Side Impact Low Speed Crash Tests; Predicting Delta-V from Damage Analysis; Acceleration/Deceleration Rates of Tracked Recreational Vehicles; Watercraft Accident Investigation & Reconstruction; Motorist Processing of Traffic Control Devices in Road Construction Zones; Fatigue & Sleep Related Issues in Accident Reconstruction; Human Error; and National Transportation Safety Board Updates.

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