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Roland J. Proulx, Jr.

showing how enhanced damage was caused and how body shop persons attempt to pass the damage off as being consistent with the reported collision. The seminar also showed how to properly inspect and identify questionable unrelated damage and how to deal with the aggressive body shop personnel attempting to justify this unrelated damage.

4/17 to 4/20/01 INSTITUTE OF POLICE TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL Special Problems in Traffic Crash Reconstruction 2001 27 - Hour Specialized Training Seminar - Attended by Police Officers, Accident Reconstructionists, Engineers, and Automotive & Medical Experts from the United States, Canada and England. Received training in the following Accident Reconstruction and Accident related fields: Predicting Driver Perception-Reaction Times; Vehicle Occupant Evidence, Black Box Technology in Cars and Light trucks; Tire Failure Analysis & Litigation; Traffic Engineering & Reconstruction; Practical Evidence Interpretation; Courtroom Presentations; Legal Blood Draws; Florida Legal Issues; Uncertainty Studies; Bicycle Crash Dynamics; Crash Injury Analysis; Post Collision Drag & Spin Analysis, Staged Crash Review; Collision Scene Mapping, and Vehicle Damage Analysis. The training seminar began with a 45 mph rear-end staged crash involving a driverless stopped vehicle and a driver operated offset rear impacting vehicle. Video camera, various data recorders and laser mapping equipment was used to record the collision.

9/12/01 UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS, Amherst, MA Conducted in Taunton, Massachusetts MUTCD Millennium 8 - Hour Specilized Training Workshop – Reviewed the forthcoming changes in the Manual On Uniform Traffic Control Devices Millennium Edition. Presented by Dr. Jonathan Upchurch and Mr. John Healy who are experts in the field. The workshop included the following subjects: Brief history of the MUTCD; concept of “reformatting” the Manual to clearly identify Standard; Guidance, Option, and support material. New definitions in the Manual (over 70); compliance dates; traffic control devices for low volume roads; what’s new and different in Signs, Markings, Signals, Temporary Traffic Control, School Areas, and Bicycle Facilities. Future changes to the Manual and some examples of how not to install Traffic Control devices.

10/12/01 NEW ENGLAND ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE FRAUD INVESTIGATORS Conducted in Chelmsford, Massachusetts Techniques for Investigating Structure Fires 2 – Hour Specialized Training Seminar – Presented by Jeff Lowe of Engineering & Fire Investigations on techniques required in conducting a successful structure fire scene investigation.

1/11/02 NEW ENGLAND ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE FRAUD INVESTIGATORS Conducted in Natick, Massachusetts NICB Initiatives & Investigators Roll in Implementation 2 – Hour Specialized Training Seminar – Presented by Special Agent Thomas Carroll of the National Insurance Crime Bureau on what the NICB can do to assist local investigators especially as it pertains to cloned vehicles; counterfeit VIN plates, vehicles component stickers and titles.

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