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Roland J. Proulx, Jr.

1/18/02 RHODE ISLAND ASSOCIATION OF ARSON & AUTO THEIFT INVESTIGATORS Conducted in Greenville, Rhode Island Car Cloning – What To Look Out For 2 – Hour Specialized Training Seminar – Presented by Special Agent Barbara Rambo of the National Insurance Crime Bureau, currently assigned to UCAT in Canada, on what is “Car Cloning” and what the NICB is doing to combat it. She has had cases where one legal vehicle was cloned six times and distributed across the United States.

1/24 to 3/14/02

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Conducted in Fall River, MA Boating Skills and Seamanship Course 16 – Hour Specialized training course – presented by the Westport Massachusetts Flotilla 6-18. Trained in the proper operation, handling and maintenance of power boats, proper equipment, boat trailering, rules of navigation, weather considerations, radio etiquette, lines & knots and inland boating.

4/28 to 5/02/03 INSTITUTE OF POLICE TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL Special Problems in Traffic Crash Reconstruction 2003 28 - Hour Specialized Training Seminar - Attended by Police Officers, Accident Reconstructionists, Engineers, and Automotive & Medical Experts from the United States, Bermuda, Canada, North Ireland, Japan, and Taiwan. Received training in the following Accident Reconstruction and Accident related fields: Geometric Design - Reconstructing Highway Collisions & How Roadway Can Factor Into Collisions; 3-Point Airborne Trajectory Analysis; Motorcycle Sliding Coefficient of Friction Values from Previous Tests; Occupant Kinematics (Biomechanics) in Collisions; Photogrammetry in Accident Reconstruction; NHTSA Crash Tests Data, Errors & Problems; Vehicle Instrumentation & Data Acquisition Analysis; Pedestrian Injuries and Amputations & Speed Correlation; Rollover Accident Reconstruction; Variability in Human Form – A Chiropractor’s View; Crash Data Retrieval System using Vetronix for Ford Products; Vehicle Rollover Testing; Vehicle Spinning Trajectory Drag Factor Validation Testing and Motorcycle Brake Testing. The training seminar began with numerous braking (skid) tests with motorcycles having state of the art anti-lock and or integrated, linked, or integral brake systems at a test track at TRW testing Facility. Five staged rollover crash tests were conducted at the test site. A number of vehicle spinout tests were also conducted using a pitting maneuver to determine useable drag factors. All tests were video recorded and most were instrumented for data acquisition.

10/6 to 10/8/03 COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA Bureau of Training and Education - Pennsylvania State Police Conducted at Days Inn State College, PA 2003 Collision Reconstruction Seminar

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