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Roland J. Proulx, Jr.

the forensic science laboratory as well as the proper handling of evidence prior to submission to the laboratory. Also, the course provided hands-on training in shoe print and tire impression casting and lifting, latent print development, crime scene protocol and a practical exercise in crime scene investigation.

8/15 to 8/19/94 TEXAS ENGINEERING EXTENSION SERVICE OF TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY Conducted at Massachusetts State Police Academy, New Braintree, MA Pedestrian/Bicycle Accident Investigation 40 - Hour Specialized Training Course – instruction by Jerry J. Eubanks and Rusty Haight, who are two well known experts in the field, consisted of gathering evidence from the roadway, vehicle, and victim in order to determine speed, direction of travel, evasive actions, and post impact trajectories of the impacting vehicle as well as the victim. Conducted actual motor vehicle crash tests with lifesize & weight crash dummies with and without bicycles.

12/14 to 12/16/94 MASSACHUSETTS STATE POLICE ACADEMY, New Braintree, MA In conjunction with Governor's Highway Safety Bureau Older Driver Visual Behavior on the Highway 20 - Hour Specialized Training Course - dealing with the unique problems encountered by older drivers on the roadways. Trained in recognizing problems associated with aging as it pertains to vision, mobility, and delayed reaction times. Dr. Bernard S. Abrams and Dr. Paul L. Olson who are two well-known experts in their field provided the training.

3/14 to 3/16/95 MASSACHUSETTS STATE POLICE ACADEMY, Framingham, MA Intermediate Computer Operations 16 - Hour Specialized Training Course - in the use of microcomputers, how information is processed, and correcting common problems. Instructed in the use of Microsoft Word and Word Perfect at an intermediate level in short-cut commands, report writing, form making, formatting and special effects, importing and editing graphs and pictures.

6/12 to 6/16/95 TEXAS ENGINEERING EXTENSION SERVICE OF TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY, Bryant, Texas Biomechanics of Accidents 40 - Hour Specialized Training Course - Determining the movement of occupants in a motor vehicle during a collision by instructors Joe Montgomery and Mike Andrews who are well known experts in their field. Trained in how to correlate occupant injuries to specific parts of the motor vehicle in order to determine seating position of occupant. Determining PDOF and occupant response, occupant dynamics, analysis of occupant restraint systems, blunt and sharp instrument injuries, documentation of physical evidence, emergency care, introduction to forensic toxicology, and understanding autopsy reports. Conducted seat belt stress tests with P.E. Besant-Matthews, M.D. at the Texas A&M lab to determine failure force for various seat belt conditions such as age, ultraviolet light exposure and fraying.

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