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40450 – VEHICLES (Including Alternate Fuel Passenger Cars,


Sport Utility Vehicles, Passenger and Cargo Vans & Pickups) (2010 Model Year & Newer) (Statewide)

REQUEST FOR CHANGE: Any request by the agency or contractor regarding changes in any part of the contract must be made in writing to the Office of General Services, Procurement Services Group, prior to effectuation.

CONTRACT PAYMENTS: Payments cannot be processed by State facilities until the contract products have been delivered in satisfactory condition or services have been satisfactorily performed. Payment will be based on any invoice used in the supplier's normal course of business. However, such invoice must contain sufficient data including but not limited to contract number, description of product or service, quantity, unit and price per unit as well as federal identification number. State facilities are required to forward properly completed vouchers to the Office of the State Comptroller for audit and payment. All facilities are urged to process every completed voucher expeditiously giving particular attention to those involving cash discounts for prompt payment. If the contract terms indicate political subdivisions and others authorized by law are allowed to participate, those entities are required to make payments directly to the contractor. Prior to processing such payment, the contractor may be required to complete the ordering non-State agency's own voucher form. See "Contract Billings" in Appendix B, OGS General Specifications.

ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS: The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) offers an "electronic payment" option in lieu of issuing checks. To obtain an electronic payment authorization form visit the OSC website at www.osc.state.ny.us or contact them by e-mail at epunit@osc.state.ny.us or by phone at 518-474-4032.

NOTE TO CONTRACTOR: This Contract Award Notification is not an order. Do not take any action under this contract except on the basis of purchase order(s) from the agency or agencies.

CENTRALIZED PROCUREMENT CONTRACT FEE (CPCF): Amendments to State Finance Law §163-c imposed a centralized procurement contract fee (procurement fee) to be paid by contractors awarded OGS centralized contracts for the purchase of commodities, services or technology. The pricing offered by contractors for the commodity, service or technology is considered by the Office of General Services (OGS) to be inclusive of the fee. The procurement fee is one half of one percent (.005) of total sales made by Authorized Users of centralized contracts. The fee, covering the applicable preceding calendar quarter, as well as an accompanying return, must be made by the contractor to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance (“DTF”) no later than forty- five (45) days after the close of each calendar quarter. Payment of the procurement fee, as well as filing of the accompanying return, must be made electronically to DTF. Prior to electronically filing the initial return and electronically paying the initial procurement fee, contractors must register on DTF’s Online Tax Center: http://www.tax.state.ny.us/nyshome/online.htm Quarterly returns must be filed with DTF even if no sales were made under the centralized contract during the preceding calendar quarter. Simultaneously, the contractor must provide its sales report for such preceding calendar quarter to OGS in the format and with details set forth in this solicitation (even if no sales occurred). Contractors must fully cooperate with DTF and OGS relative to such payments and filings. Penalties for failure to comply with the filing and payment requirements are provided for by Article 27 of the Tax Law. In addition to the penalties prescribed by Article 27 of the Tax Law, failure by a contractor to timely and accurately remit the procurement fee, provide the sales report and file the return for each calendar quarter shall constitute a breach of contract, and the Commissioner of General Services may exercise discretion to terminate such centralized contract on written notice to the contractor. Additional information including FAQs is available at: http://www.ogs.state.ny.us/purchase/ProcurementContractFee.asp



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