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40450 – VEHICLES (Including Alternate Fuel Passenger Cars,


Sport Utility Vehicles, Passenger and Cargo Vans & Pickups) (2010 Model Year & Newer) (Statewide)

WARNING LIGHTS: Vehicle warning lights, siren or light bars of any type may be purchased under Group 30304. It is suggested that contract users evaluate this contract to determine the best option available for the purchase of these items.

CONTRACT PAYMENTS: Payments cannot be processed by State facilities until the contract products have been delivered in satisfactory condition or services have been satisfactorily performed. Payment will be based on any invoice used in the supplier's normal course of business. However, such invoice must contain sufficient data including but not limited to contract number, description of product or service, quantity, unit and price per unit as well as federal identification number. State facilities are required to forward properly completed vouchers to the Office of the State Comptroller for audit and payment. All facilities are urged to process every completed voucher expeditiously giving particular attention to those involving cash discounts for prompt payment. If the contract terms indicate political subdivisions and others authorized by law are allowed to participate, those entities are required to make payments directly to the contractor. Prior to processing such payment, the contractor may be required to complete the ordering non-State agency's own voucher form. See also "Contract Billings" in Appendix B, OGS General Specifications and separate clause herein on “PURCHASE ORDERS AND INVOICING”.

POOR PERFORMANCE: Agencies should notify Procurement Services' Customer Services promptly if the contractor fails to meet the requirements of this contract. Performance which does not comply with requirements or is otherwise unsatisfactory to the agency should also be reported to Customer Services:

Office of General Services Procurement Services Group Customer Services Coordination 37th Floor Corning Tower Empire State Plaza Albany, NY 12242

Tel: 518/474-6717 Fax: 518/474-2437 E-mail: customer.services@ogs.state.ny.us


Be advised that all vehicles operated in New York State for transporting passengers under the age of 21 to and/or from school (public or private) with a passenger capacity of greater than ten must have been manufactured to meet federal school bus safety standards. School Service includes day care, day camp, religious services or instruction. It does not include post secondary education. For further information you can contact the Motor Carrier Safety Bureau at (518) 485-2448.

DOT OPTIONAL PACKAGE: W h e n a D O T O p t i o n a l P a c k a g e i s s p e c i f i e d , i t s h a l l m e e t t h e f o l l o w i n g r e q u i r e m e n t s : Dupont Chrome Yellow 6578X, School Bus Yellow or manufactures’ equal. Cargo Van Bulkhead - WeatherGuard No. 86000-X (full size van)/87000-X (mini van) or equal. No bulkhead required for Passenger van unless specified. Rotary Beacon - Federal Signal Model 100 center mounted on the top of the cab. Beacon 1. 2. 3.

controlled by a fused/breakered, pilot lighted and labeled (no Dymo tape) switch mounted in the dash. (Acceptable substitutes: Federal Signal flashing light part #252650-02NYSDOT or Star Warning Systems flashing part #255HTCL-A-NY or Whelen flashing part #L21-NYS.

  • 4.

    Striping on the Front Bumper (if painted) and Rear Doors -

    • a.

      DuPont DuLux Blue - Six (6) inch wide, eighteen (18) inch on center at 45 degrees with a minimum of four (4) stripes DuPont DuLux 6014 Blue. See diagram on next page.

    • b.

      3M Blue Tape - As 4a except utilizing 3M Brand Series 580/680-75 six (6) inch wide Blue reflective tape/sheeting.

  • 5.

    Fire Extinguisher - 2.5 pound dry chemical ABC rated with mounting bracket.

  • 6.

    Three-piece Triangle "Flare" kit with storage box for roadside emergency use.



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