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  • Do not open emails that are unknown.

  • You must delete all the emails from aggressors before opening them.

  • When aggressors do not receive an answer their fun ends soon

  • It is technically possible to block emails from specific senders, so you will not receive their messages.

  • If necessary, you can choose another email address to be notified only selectively.

  • Most of aggressive messages are written by a computer or a phone that do not display the number.

  • Some mobile phones can block certain numbers. If the situation becomes untenable, you can request a new number to be kept secret.

Guidelines proposed by Ombudsman for children in the Basque Country (www.ararteko.net/RecursosWeb/DOCUMENTOS/1/1_1218_3.pdf):

Recommendations for Children:

Do not communicate personal data online. Use a secure configuration: not visible to everyone. Do not launch Internet attacks, even as a joke (meet netiquette).

Do not respond to aggression. parents.

If it appears you must communicate it to

If aggression persists keep evidence of what is happening. Check on Google, from time to time, if someone has published something about you.

Recommendations for Parents:

  • Reinforce the children to come to tell you what happens.

  • Not react abruptly: offer support to the child, give them confidence.

  • Pay attention on the frequency and severity of aggressions. When necessary

you can go to the police.

Guidelines presented by Friendly Screens (www.pantallasamigas.net – taken from Parry Aftab, www.stopcyberbullying.org):

  • Do not give personal information. Not yours or from your family.

  • Stop, block the aggressor and tell what happened to someone.

  • Check on Google, from time to time, if someone has published something about you.

  • Do not be accomplice to aggression. Stop spreading messages from others.

  • Separate from the computer and take 5 minutes before responding (to avoid aggressive responses, do not be aggressor).

  • Comply with rules of netiquette in Internet:

    • o

      Ensure you are sending the information to the right direction.

      • o

        Do not contribute to spam/chains.


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