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organized by this institution in March 2009 included special training sessions on the phenomenon of cyberbullying.

Actions undertaken by regional governments

Most of the initiatives promoted by public administrations in Spain correspond to the regional governments. In this sense, observatories on convivencia and school violence, in every region, have a special role. At this point we would like to highlight some of them for being the most representative. The first we want to mention is the school plan Schools: Spaces of Peace promoted by the government of Andalusia (before named ANDAVE program; Ortega et al., 1998) which is possibly the oldest in our country, beginning in 1997. This action takes place on two major lines of work: building teacher teams to improve the convivencia and the development of peace culture in schools, and teacher training. Within the last proposal, the plan includes working sessions where the problem of cyberbullying in schools is discussed.

Because of its completeness, we mention the plan PREVI (Prevention of Violence). This programme, linked to the observatory of the Valencian Community, includes the publication of guidance materials for parents, teachers and students, an online service for advice and complaint, action protocols in situations of violence, and awareness campaigns for the Valencian society in general. Some of the contents developed in this plan are related to cyberbullying.

Much closer to the use of new technologies is the programme e-Asturias and its project Internet and Family. In this case, guidelines to make a safer and responsible use of new technologies, especially the Internet, is proposed. These are aimed at parents, teachers and also companies, and are complemented by a service of helping online. Besides these guides, the project is offering safe learning environments, internet security filters or evaluation reports about childhood games.

In the same vein, the government of Aragon has developed the "Healthy screens". Directed to the whole school community, it is an initiative which considers the phenomenon of the screens and new technologies from the promoting health point of view, in order to address issues ranging from the habits and sociability to the consumption and


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