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This is the case of a group of twenty centres in the Valencian Community that have spent several years doing student mediators’ meetings to share experiences and reflections on convivencia. Specifically, in December 2006, it was held at the secondary school Benlliure the Third Meeting of students from Valencia mediators in which the teens emphasized the importance of tackling cyberbullying and that themselves were protagonists in the design of measures for intervention and participants in the analysis about the causes that can trigger this complex problem (http://jmada.eresmas.net/III%20Encuentro/iiii_encuentro%201.htm).

Articles in the school newspaper

In the Spanish educational system is usual to make activities that combine the achievement of curricular and transverse aims. That is, develop activities that, while developing skills related to curriculum areas, such as language, promote aims linked to personal and social development. These include a widespread practice that consist on publishing a school newspaper with which the students in addition to developing language skills, share experiences, information and provide resources of interest to their partners.

This type of activity is potentially useful for the prevention of cyberbullying as shown by certain experiences already developed by some schools. For example, secondary school Peña Escrita of Ciudad Real included in the item 4 of "Stories Cuconas" (the school newspaper), published in June 2009, an article about the arrest of a Cyberbully and guidances on what to do against harassment in internet (http://edu.jccm.es/ies/penaescrita/attachments/111_Peri odicoN4.pdf).

Resources on the web from your centre

The use of NNTT (new technologies) in teaching and learning processes is a growing practice and is turning to the web in a in a new scenario to develop the school curriculum. This use of the internet for education improves students’ motivation and offers them the opportunity to learn at any time because they can access to resources at the same moment that feel necessaries.

Schools and especially teachers of some subjects are also using the web to teach to prevent cyberbullying. One example is the secondary school Almeraya of Almeria in which they have created a wiki where the computer teacher has included relevant information for the prevention of cyberbullying and its detection by offering the students, but also to other teachers and parents of students, a list of resources offered by various institutions and organizations.


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