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as well as at the Kungens Kurva stores). At the Barkarby store, this committee meets up every four weeks to discuss environmental matters. The CSR-coordinator receives directives from the Service Office to organize certain types of events. In the past a ”Save Energy Weekend” promoting the use of low energy lamps has been organized; future plans include promoting bicycle riding.104 In addition to the partner projects, independent initiatives at stores are encouraged. An international example comes from IKEA Singapore where a fee was charged for plastic bags in order to decrease the use of plastic bags – this also led to other retailers in the area following suit.105 At the Barkarby store, there has been talk of forming an independent action group with dedicated and committed co-workers: ”real live wires” (“eldsjälar”)106 but nothing has yet materialized: ”We do not do everything we should do, especially considering the top priority it is.”107

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    K.3 Social issues

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    K.3.1 Global and national level

IKEA Sweden as well as many other IKEA national franchises around the world, co-operate with “Save the Children” and UNICEF each year by donating the proceeds of particular soft toys sales to selected projects around the world. At times of disasters, IKEA’s department for Social Initiative donates blankets and other necessities to relief victims, labeled “in-kind assistance”108. The international projects are focused on South Asia and mainly on India.109 These are directed at children and women, helping with vaccinations and nutrition, education and micro-credits. IKEA commits itself to building pre-schools and schools next to IKEA supplier factories such as in Vietnam and India.110 This demonstrates its commitment to eradicating child labor and ensures that these children have the opportunity to acquire an education.111

Apart from the official projects with the official partners, the store manager is currently in charge of deciding which local CSR issues are and can be addressed. The stores have received directives from IKEA headquarters (“IKEA Service Office”) that local projects should focus on children, adolescents and or the environment.112 This year it has been decided that one of the three top store priorities is CSR, alongside leadership business excellence and the customer meeting.113

4.K.3.2 Local store level At the Barkarby store, four social projects benefiting women and children in 2008 were chosen by

store manager S. Koerfer: the donation of sofas to Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital, the donation of toys and furniture to a burnt-down pre-school in Järfälla and of furniture and interior decorating to two women's relief homes. The furniture donated was mainly from the bargain corner and thus constituted merely a marginal cost to the company: ”the cost disappears in a small corner of the total operations”114. In Sweden, all proceeds in “Save the Children's” donation boxes in IKEA's stores go to joint local projects. At IKEA Barkarby, customers’ voluntary contributions for spare parts are also

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