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Model VR Gas-Fired Tubular Radiant, Low Intensity Heater for Indoor Commercial-Industrial Use

24 volt controls

NOTE: Not approved for residential use.

Polished reflector

Indoor and outdoor combustion air capability

Terminal board connection for thermostat

Model VR illustrating many standard features.

Grounded, plug-in cord

DESCRIPTION Model VR tubular radiant heaters are available in BTUH inputs of 50,000 to 200,000 and in tube lengths from 20 to 70 feet (see theTechnical DataTable for BTUH/length combinations). All sizes are available for use with natural gas or optional propane gas. ModelVR heaters provide full input rate heat- ing capacity to 2,000 feet elevation.Tubular radiant heaters are engineered to provide quiet, reliable, energy-efficient, comfort level heating for both spot and space applications. Model VR is designed with a burner/control box housing a power burner that fires into a 4” diameter tube, 20 to 70 feet in length. The burner is equipped with a blower for supplying combustion air and a multi-try direct ignition with 100% lockout. Controls include a single-stage gas valve and a pressure switch to verify combustion air flow. The tubes are in 10-foot sections with each section having a polished reflector.The tube attached to the burner is the combustion chamber, all other sections are highly emissive heat exchanger tubes. The standard configuration is straight, but optional “L” shaped, “U” shaped and 5-foot straight heat exchanger tubes are available to change the configuration to adapt to various applications. A tubular system including an optional “U” tube provides the best balance of radiant emission over the length of any system.For maximum efficiency, the exhaust end of all systems is equipped with an aluminized steel turbulator strip. Combustion air can either come from the heated space or be piped from the outside. Outside combustion air should be supplied (1) if the building atmosphere has negative pressure; (2) if the building atmosphere is dirty or dusty; (3) if the building atmosphere contains substances that will cause toxic gas when combined with flame or flue products; or (4) if the heater is being installed in a tightly closed room that does not provide required air for combustion. Venting may be either vertical or horizontal. Dual venting of two units is permissible when using a Reznor Optional Dual Vent Kit. ModelVR tubular heater systems are shipped in modular packages requir- ing field assembly and installation. Standard features, such as wire form hangers for chain suspension, compression coupling tube connections, and terminal board thermostat connection, are designed to facilitate instal- lation. These heaters are approved for use in the United States and Canada by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Reznor provides a five-year limited warranty on the burner and a ten-year limited warranty on all tubes.

Service door

Differential air pressure switch to verify combustion air flow


  • Natural gas operation

  • Full input rate for elevations to 2,000 ft.

  • 115/1 supply voltage

  • Multi-try direct ignition with 100% lockout

  • Single-stage combination gas valve (field adjustable for operation to 10,000 ft. elevation)

  • Pre-purge and post-purge

  • Differential air pressure switch to verify combustion air flow

  • Diagnostic indicator light

  • Sight glass for burner observation

  • External terminal board connection for 24-volt thermostat

  • Grounded, plug-in cord

  • 16-gauge aluminized steel combustion chamber (10 ft. length)

  • High emissivity radiant tubes, 16-gauge HRS (10 ft. lengths)

  • Compression coupling tube connections

  • Wire form hangers

  • Polished aluminum reflectors (10 ft. lengths) that overlap for continuous reflector system

  • Aluminized steel flue gas turbulators for maximum efficiency

  • Horizontal or vertical venting

  • Painted Cabinet

  • Transformer for 24-volt controls

OPTIONAL FEATURES - Factory Installed

  • Single stage propane gas valve (field adjustable for operation to 10,000

ft. elevation)

  • 208/1 Supply Voltage (Models 50 - 175)

  • 230/1 Supply Voltage (Models 50 - 175)


  • “U” Heat Exchanger Tube with Reflector

  • “L” Heat Exchanger Tube(s) with Reflector

  • 5-ft. Heat Exchanger Tube with Reflector

  • Reflector End Covers

  • Side Shield

  • Hanger Kit

  • Outdoor Combustion Air Inlet Kit

  • DualVent Kit

  • Multiple Heater Control for zoning up to 6 units

  • Flexible Gas Connector

  • High Altitude Field Conversion Kits (6,000 - 10,000 ft.)

  • Unit-Mounted Thermostat Bracket

  • Gas conversion kits (natural & propane)

  • Vent Cap

  • Manual shutoff valve & union

  • Thermostat

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