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Lesson #32 Dona Nobis Pacem Note: Some graphics will not appear in sample. - page 1 / 5





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Lesson #32 Dona Nobis Pacem Note: Some graphics will not appear in sample.


Become familiar with this traditional Latin canon. Begin to understand that songs are one part of the service that they will be helping to create for the Coming of Age Ceremony.


This is one of the hymns in our hymnbook, Singing the Living Tradition, which connects us to many faiths and much history.  The words, Dona Nobis Pacem, mean “give us peace” in Latin.  The three melodies lend themselves to simple yet beautiful harmonies.

This is one of the songs which will provide a foundation for creating worship.  One aim of this year is to introduce this age group to the idea that they can create worship services and offer their gifts to the rest of the congregation through a worship service.  If our faith involves learning about the tools of religious exploration, then learning the music is an important tool.

If singing together is simply too intimidating, try using the words to the hymn only, without the music.


Tape or CD player

Tape or CD of chants from Western Medieval tradition.

Copies of stained glass window template for each class member, below.


Pictures or examples of stained glass, optional.

Small cardboard cake rounds or other cardboard pieces.

X-Acto knives.

Tissue paper in various colors.

Glue sticks.

"Singing the Living Tradition" hymnbooks.

Circular cookies with frosting tubes, optional.

Set Up:

Invite the choir, or a group of singers to join to class to provide strong voices. Adding musical accompaniment, if possible, makes it all the more powerful. One option is to use the song in the adult service and have the class attend so that the class can join their voices with those of the congregation.

Entering Activity:

As class members arrive, put on the chant tape or CD and start coloring in the stained glass window template provided. (from "UU and Me" Magazine, March 1998, used with permission).  As most class members arrive, have them set aside the coloring and play the knots game, below.  Tell them that they will have time to finish it later.

Group Building:

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