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Lesson #32 Dona Nobis Pacem Note: Some graphics will not appear in sample. - page 2 / 5





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Play Knots (from "The New Games Book", used with permission).

To form the knot, stand in a circle, shoulder-to-shoulder, and place your hands in the center.  Everyone grabs another's hands.  Make sure that no one holds both hands with the same person, or holds the hand of the person right next to them.

Now comes the true test: untangle the knot!  Note: pivoting on your handholds without actually breaking your grip sometimes helps.  When at last the knot is unraveled, you will find yourselves in one large circle or, occasionally, two interconnected ones.

Focusing Activity:

Put on the music again and finish the stained glass window. If you have pictures or samples of stained glass, share them with the class.

Focusing Questions for Discussion and Reflection:

Has anyone ever visited a cathedral, abbey, convent, or other beautiful, sacred place? Has anyone seen other stained glass windows? What was it like?  What do you remember most?  Why?

Our Tradition:

Some of the beautiful things we remember about visiting these places are the windows, as well as the echoing sounds and feelings of serenity. These are places where people have come to reflect in silence about the mystery of our existence, about God, about being alive.  In Western culture, Latin was the language most associated with religion.  In medieval times, Latin was the only language of the church, and the church was one of few places of learning.  When we sing this song, which is part of the long tradition of singing in church, we connect with all of the people through the ages who have lifted their voices to create beauty and praise. Dona Nobis Pacem means “Give us peace.”


Learn the three parts, either as spoken or sung verse.  If singing, take time to allow the melody to be clear to each person and encourage them to hear their own voice. Use the visiting singers to help teach and add volume to the singing.  Strong singers can pull everyone along until the tune is more familiar.

Use the traditional peace symbol to teach the song:

Dona - While singing Dona, draw the long vertical line.

Nobis - While singing Nobis, draw the first fork.

Pacem, Pacem - While singing the Pacems, draw the second fork.

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