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Loop-back Test Procedure for checking your Serial ports and/or USB - Serial Converter using HyperTerminal.

These instructions are for Win XP.

1. If you have a USB - Serial Converter, plug it in. You should check Device Manager to see if it is there first. Then proceed.

2. Go to Start - Programs - Accessories - Communications - HyperTerminal. In the box that comes up, type in a name, any name, like TEST. Click OK

3. In the Connect To window, at the bottom next to Connect Using: use the drop down menu to select the serial port you want to check – ie. COM 1. Make sure your modem is not selected! All the rest of your options on this screen will go away. Click OK

4. In the Com 1 Properties window, in the Flow Control drop down, Select NONE. Click OK.

5. You will now have a blank HyperTerminal screen. Click on File - Properties. Select the Setting Tab and at the bottom click on ASCII setup. Check the box next to Echo Typed Characters Locally. Click OK and OK again.

6. Now comes the tough part. You will need to jump pin #2 to #3 on your Male Serial Connector. The best way to do this is with a short wire with small alligator clips on each end. If you are good, you can do it with a paper clip or even a metal pen like a Cross Pen. Don't jump to any other pins! (If you look at your serial connector, there are 5 pins on top and 4 pins on the bottom, pins 1 - 5 are on the top and pins 6-9 are on the bottom. The pin orientation should read left to right as follows:


1 2---3 4 5 6 789

Pins 2-3 jumped. The pins are usually numbered on the plastic connector core that surrounds the pins.

7. With this accomplished, possibly with the help of a friend, start typing on your keyboard. Anything, numbers or letters.

Instructions courtesy of Dirk Gouwens, NYSEF

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