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Quarterly Circulation Approximately 304,000 to all RNs and Student Nurses in California

Volume 15 • Issue 2 April, May, June 2010

President’s Perspective

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RN Lobby Day

April 19 & 20, 2010 Sacramento, CA

Visit www.anacalifornia.org for more information

Elissa Brown President, ANA\California

Greetings, colleagues.

There are over 360,000 nurses in California. Imagine if we all truly worked together and spoke in that “one strong voice,” what a strong team we would be. As we have sometimes been described over the years—Nurses are a force to be reckoned with!

In these changing times, it is an opportunity for us to think about our work and our careers and recall why we chose to go into nursing in the first place.

Elissa Brown

Many “always wanted to be a nurse,” while others may have met nurse role models who led them toward the profession. There was some real excitement in joining this trusted profession, and in learning the value of caring; of being there for the patients.

Recently, we have been reminded by the tragedies that have struck people all over the world, especially in Haiti, and those closer to home with floods and mudslides—of how lucky and thankful many of us are—and the fact that we have always been there to help others. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those people who have been affected by the disasters. (please see list in this issue, of ways to help)

Seeing the value in “being there” is something that may be present in a nurse’s every day work. Being there, working with patients, even in cleaning bedpans, making beds, giving every patient a bath or sponge bath and a back rub before they went to sleep (yes we really learned how to do that—and did it—back in the old days!) Of course there were some glamorous moments…like wearing our neat navy uniforms to do Public Health, feeling like detectives in the field, and helping so many people.

This profession still is right for many of us and we are clear on why we have stayed in Nursing.

Some of the concerns lie with the problems we have all seen, i.e., the idea and practice of not helping each other—ironic, since we are in a helping profession. It is difficult to think of someone as a “good nurse” when that someone treats colleagues with disrespect, and does not take care of oneself. It is likely most are not intending to do this to each other, even though we often remark about “nurses not treating other nurses well.” Hopefully, we will communicate better, let others know when it seems

we, as nurses, includes honoring colleagues, encouraging them, recognizing their worth, and supporting them when they want to go further in school, whether or not you want to do the same. What is good for one nurse—or one type or level of nursing, is good for every nurse. If progress is made by one group of nurses—by specialty or position or whatever, then that progress reflects upon all in the nursing profession. The message again is: support nursing, each other, move forward together, and speak in one strong voice. Nursing cannot stand still in the midst of so much change.

Be good to each other and to yourselves.

On an organizational note, I again want to commend the ANA\California Board members who consistently work hard as advocates in promoting healthcare reform and in supporting the nursing profession. And, I encourage all nurses to get involved in your professional associations; this is where you have great networking opportunities; where you meet the nurses who wrote the books and developed the theories; where you find and build friendships; where you become energized to be involved in the nursing profession. By joining a nursing organization, a nurse soon realizes that one person can make a difference.

Issues: Health Care Reform: continues to be ever on the horizon. As we have said before, ANA supports “legislation that would guarantee access to affordable, quality health care for all….ANA wants to deliver the message that nurses have the power to impact health care, not only at the bedside, but by taking an active role in the current health care debate; at town hall meetings, demonstrations and in your local newspaper. ANA has been engaged in health care reform efforts for over 20 years, and now we are closer than ever to seeing meaningful changes…video link to: ‘Nurses Have Power: Let’s Use It for Change.’ Please also see on the nursingworld.org link to the “Key Provisions Related to Nursing and Health Care Reform.” Nurses are and will continue to play an extremely important role in healthcare reform, through their work, legislation and political involvement at local, state and national levels.

As a member of the Executive Committee of the ANA Constituent Assembly (CA; the group of the Presidents and Executive Directors of all of the states plus a number of other constituents), I have had the privilege of receiving frequent national nursing and health care news updates. We meet and write regularly to maintain open communication. I shall try to share updates on the key issues.

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they may be unwittingly treating others in an unkind way, help each other improve. We have our profession in common and an ethical and a human obligation to care not only for patients but for each other. Most of all, we need to recognize that we are all nurses; that regardless of degrees and credentials and position, we are all part of the nursing profession. We are “brothers and sisters” in nursing. That means, for me, as an Advanced Practice Nurse, that I still identify with the spirit of nursing, that I do not distinguish myself as something above or separate from other nurses. Our roles and responsibilities may be different, but our profession is the same. Remembering that

We welcome questions and comments.

Thank you again to the ANA\California Board members, our wonderful team. It is a pleasure to work together…they have made my responsibilities as President easier and contributed to a most rewarding experience. Our Board:

Vice President, Liz Dietz Secretary, Nicole Marcy Treasurer, Cathy Melter Director of Legislation, Monica Weisbrich Director of Practice, Donna Dolinar Director of Education, Dianne Moore

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