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wiNNers All AT The wiNe AucTioN

the Great Hall of the Harvard Club on Commonwealth Avenue provided the perfect setting

for NAbb’s Festive Fall Party and wine Auction on November 6. Fine wines to accompany the delicious hors d’ouevres and desserts were generously donated by bauer wines and best Cellars. marie Keep from Skinner Auctioneers conducted the live auction with able

assistance from

guest auctioneer Jay Cashman. the highlight of

the live auction was a “fresh” painting by eli Cedrone of the Copley Society of Art who captured the evening in oils. A portion of the evening’s proceeds was donated to the max warburg Courage Curriculum (www.maxcourage.com).

(Above, left to right) NABB President Angela Lanoue and YF&N Co-chair Mary Ann Hill. At right, Susan and Kurt Baker.

All PhoTos by MArk ANd JAckie yessiAN

Congratulations on another successful event to Co-chairs James Hill and roberta orlandino and their organizing committee: Jamie barth, Gayle bordeaux, Jay essegian, Jennifer Hill, Joanna Cook-Kjellman, rosanne Kumins, Angela lanoue, lynda mcNally, molly mosier, Janine mudge-mullen, Carolyn Vandam, linda Zukowski and lois Harvey.

(Above, left to right) State Representative Marty Walz and Martin and Jo-Ann Leinwand. At left, Co-chairs Roberta Orlandino and James Hill.

emily rooney addresses annual meeting; awards Spotlight kressel, adams

By Mark yeSSiaN

eMily rooNey, execuTive ediTor ANd hosT of wgbh-Tv’s nightly news magazine Greater Boston, brought her star power to NAbb’s Annual Meeting, speaking to an overflow crowd at the Algonquin club on september 11. she shared a number of on-the-ground observations of the democratic and republican conventions, from the emotion generated by senator kennedys dramatic appearance to the all-encompassing excitement among delegates responding to sarah Palin as well as broader assessments of contemporary political news coverage. rooney acknowledged that the blogosphere often drives the mainstream media to focus on seemingly trivial, personal matters. however, she believes that the voters should decide which facts about a candidate are important and relevant. “My theory is that everything is fair game. we ask the questions. you don’t have to answer. My father (60 Minutes commentator, Andy rooney) taught me the more we know about everyone and everything, the better off we are.” rooney, a NAbb member and Marlborough street resident, also spoke about her decision to move from Newton to the back bay in the spring of 2006. she occasionally misses the bigger yard and bigger closets she left behind, but not the suburban isolation. rooney relishes city living (even the sirens) and the architecture and charm of the back bay. “when i step on the street in the morning on the way to get my coffee, i feel like i am fully engaged. it’s a move i’m really glad i made.” her new neighbors are glad as well.


hirley kressel has exhibited the characteristics of leadership, advocacy, and bravery in the public arena that richly merit this recognition by NaBB.

looks and comments of opponents, and state one’s case firmly. Shirley does this unflinchingly. Some people at city Hall deride her frequent opposition to city and board decisions. this only proves that Shirley has iden-

tified practices that do not serve the public interest, thereby antagonizing the practitioners. Shirley was for many years president of the alliance of Boston Neighborhoods, as she tried to build a cross-Boston organization that would increase public debate on issues and help neigh- borhoods work together for their common inter- ests. Shirley’s signature issue as a citizen-activist has been reform of the Boston redevelopment authority. She believes that the city needs a separate planning agency, like almost all other large american cities, so that the economic development part of the Bra’s mission does not overwhelm its planning function. Paul Prindle leaderShiP aWard S h i r l e y K r e s s e l as a NaBB Board member, Shirley has tried to spur the Board to look beyond the confines of Back Bay and to engage in citywide issues. She may rub some people the wrong way in the process, but she always acts with conscience and a deter- mination not to just let things slide because an issue is uncomfortable. She is an outstanding example of an informed, educated citizen engag- ing in the public arena to encour- age reform and better government, using just her brains, education, and advocacy skills. Shirley’s uncompro- mising values make her a respected leader in our organization and the Shirley’s leadership qualities are exemplified by her dogged attendance at Bra, ZBa, Zoning commission, Boston civic Design commission, and city council hearings (among many oth- ers), representing the interests, often alone, of the public. No one else in the entire city fulfills this function on a consistent basis. anyone who has watched her in action cannot but be impressed by her fierce advocacy, her preparation, her command of each issue, and her fearlessness. it is a very difficult thing to stand up at such a hearing, facing the scornful city, and a worthy recipient of the Prindle award. (Presented by Patti Quinn from the nomination of Ms. Kressel by Fred Mauet.)

A n y v o l u n t e e r a s s o c i a t i o n n e e d s t h e s u s t a i n e d d e d i c a t i o n o f i n d i v i d u a l s w h o p r o v i d e u n s e l f i s h s e r v i c e . N a B B i s n o e x c e p t i o n . t o s h o w i t s a p p r e c i a t i o n t o s u c h

residences at the intercontinental.

Brenda gives her time and energy to her community with a delightful, enthusiastic attitude.

She has been a board member of both NaBB and

individuals, NaBB created the Mary Natale citizenship award. this year the

Special awards Selection committee has

chosen to honor Brenda adams for her significant and unheralded contributions to our neighborhood.

Brenda moved to Back Bay from Mckensey, tennessee, in the late 1980s after falling in love with Boston, its history, and architecture. over the years, she has searched through many an historical archive and has not found (as yet) any connection to the family tree of the John adams, and so she humorously refers to herself as “Brenda adams (no relation).”

Professionally, however, Brenda is a founder and president in her own right, of adams Design, an award-winning

mary natale

citizenShiP aWard

Brenda Adams

the Back Bay association. Whenever she is asked to share her professional

a n d c r e a t i v e t a l e n t s , s h e a l w a y s s a y s y e s . Brenda has designed eye-catching logos and invitations for all of NaBB’s special events for the last decade, including the annual Wine auction and the taste of the Back Bay. other local nonprofits have also relied on her talent and generosity, including the Gibson House Museum, the Garden club of the Back Bay, and the French Library. Her most ambitious contribution to NaBB was a suite of designs for the 2005 50th-anniversary celebration that included a special logo, a poster, and a book commemorating NaBB’s history and accomplishments.

Brenda adams’ creativity and gener- osity never cease to amaze. NaBB thanks

graphic design company, whose clients have included the Mandarin oriental residences, Devonshire and

her for all she has done for this organization and our neighborhood. (Presented by Linda Zukowski.)

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