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Nonprofit u.s. Postage

Welcome, New Members

A Irina Aguirre, Christopher Almond, Stephen & Laura Avalone

B Evelyne Balboni, Allen Bargfrede, Barbara Barros, Jamie J. Barth, David & Diana Beatson, Brandon Beaty & Christopher Nolan, James & Mckey Berkman, Michelle Blain, Travis Blalock, Jeffrey & Jennifer Blecher, Denise Blum, Joe & Angeli Bradley, Michael Brady & Renette Cahill, Nancy Brown, Sonja Broyles, Ken Bryan, Bill & Angiel Bye

C Michael Calabrese, Harry D. Callicotte, Fay Campion, Darlene Carson, Meghan Cashel, Kurt/Mary Cerulli, Patrick & Barbara Chassaigne, Beth Clifford, Rick Johanson & Laura Cohen, Commonwealth School, The Coughlin Family, Donna Culley, Ford & Kamiko Curran

D John & Paula Daher, Donald Dalton, Joshua Dawson, Jerry & Laura DeGennaro, Susan M. Deutsch, Thomas Evan Dimmock, Sandra Drubner, David & Missy Druley, Brad Duncan & Dane Smith, Kirsten Durbin

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L David Lane, Debbi Lawrence, Linda LeNoir, Christine Letzeiser & Rick Gallerani, Ed Lewis, Joel Warren Lidz, Henry Lord

M Chris & Elizabeth Madison, Tom & Yasmin McCarthy, Steve/Reggie McCormack, John & Aedie McEvoy, Shawn & Natasha Melley, Ed & Susan Merritt, Stephanie Miles, Sarah Molloy, Caroline (Chloe) Monzani, Amy Morgan, Maria Motamed, Laurice Mulherin, Rosemarie Murphy

N–O–P Lorraine Norwich, Peter O’Connor, T.S. O’Keefe, Karen Oldoni, Patrick Paraggio, Poppy Psinakis Patterson, Jennifer Poveromo

E–F Alexandra Edwards, Lori Feldberg, Paul W. Finnegan, Anthony Fireman, Morgan First & Tyler Balliet, DeeDee Fisher & Matthew McBrady, Bob & Gina Flynn

G Kate Gallivan, Michael & Linda Gallup, Michelle Gerdoney, Kim/Eric Giler, Micki Gold, Russell & Karen Gray, Roberta Grigg, Zaragoza Guerra & Anthony Giacalone

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mAll GiFt

we are grateful to the many friends and family members who donated so generously to the Mall Tree fund in memory of Alexa charles, daughter of longtime Mall supporter cynthia schaumburg. The commonwealth Avenue Mall committee also wishes to thank the schaumburgs for their most recent generous gift, which will be used for the planting of a memorial tree. (NAbb News deeply regrets an error in a previous report of this gift.)

W–Y Rice Wales, Angela Waltuch, Kyle & Susan Weaver, Alexis Brooke Weiner, Robert Weintraub, Andrew & Claire White, Jonathan & Regina Winslow, Harvey & Susan Wolkoff, Beverly A. Woods, Marvin & Constance Wool, Robert & Sheri Wright, Yanni Yannas, Susan Young, William & Janet Younker

Editor s Note: The list of new members covers NABB’s fiscal yea , June 2007 to June 2008. The next issue of NABB NEWS will contain coverage of our 2009 New Member Reception and a list of members who joined after June 2008.

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The Neighborhood AssociATioN of The bAck bAy 337 Newbury sTreeT bosToN, MAssAchuseTTs 02115


wiNter 2009

Volume 48, Number 1

Break The Cycle—Protect Yourself From Car Break-ins

Back Bay criMe coMMittee

Car break-ins are our most common type of crime in the Back Bay: in 2008, there were 411 incidents of larcenies from vehicles. car break-ins occur:

  • at all times of the day, but 33% occur from 4:00

    • p.

      m. to 8:00 p.m. and 26% occur from 8:00 p.m to 12 midnight

  • on all days of the week, peaking on Fridays and Saturdays (38%)

  • in all months of the year, somewhat more frequently in September and october

  • in “hot spots” in the upper and the lower ends of the Back Bay

what attracts the thieves? the items most frequently targeted during 2008 were small electronic devices—iPods, satellite radios, GPS units, laptops—and other portable items such as golf clubs, sunglasses, handbags, briefcases.

what can you do to avoid becoming a victim? theft from cars is a classic example of a crime based on opportunity. they are spur-of-the-moment decisions rather than well-planned events. Here is what the Boston Police Department advises:

  • 1.

    Don’t leave valuables (even GPS cradles) in plain sight…80% of car breaks are due to items left in plain view.

  • 2.

    Lock your car.

  • 3.

    take your keys.

  • 4.

    completely close car windows when parked.

  • 5.

    Don’t leave your car running unattended.

  • 6.

    Don’t hide a second set of keys in your car.

  • 7.

    Use identifiers such as anti-theft system decals .

  • 8.

    Park in well-lit areas/attended lots. Please report ALL crimes to the police. accurate

numbers can impact police resources allocated to the Back Bay

Special thanks to Sergeant Kevin Powe , Community Service Superviso , District D-4, Boston Police Department, for the information and advice in this report.


http://www.nabbonline.com 337 Newbury Street, boston 02115 617-247-3961 info@nabbonline.com

to reACh NABB News pmq39@aol.com editor—Patti Quinn Design—Steve wolf Studio

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