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If negotiations fail again, the remaining firm is invited to submit a proposal.  If negotiations fail a third time, a new group of three is recommended by the selection committee and the process continues until a satisfactory contract can be recommended to the Department of General Services for Board of Public Works approval.


Throughout the selection process there must be safeguards to ensure impartiality and objectivity.  Evaluations should be made by professionals who represent both the board of trustees and the college staff.  To protect the integrity of the process, deliberations should be kept confidential.  However, the selection process and its results are a matter of public record.


To obtain the best available A/E services, every effort should be made to maximize professional competition through the careful structuring of the selection criteria. The weight factors assigned to the various criteria, as well as the criteria, will change from project to project according to the nature and special needs of the project.  Selection criteria and weights are both generalized and detailed.  The public announcement, which is general, contains a summary of the elements for consideration and their weights.  The detailed rating criteria and their weights for the specific project are made known to the A/E firms recommended for interview by the A/E selection committee.


Upon approval by the board of trustees to proceed with the procurement of A/E services, the college releases the project announcement to the media for publication. This notice is written for and tailored to each specific project. It includes a description of the generalized selection criteria and their weights. The professional societies in the area of project consideration should be sent copies of the project announcement.

The project advertisement should invite firms that meet the requirements of the announcement to submit an SF254 (Architect/Engineer and Related Services Questionnaire), an SF 255 (Architect/Engineer and Related Services Questionnaire for Specific Project), and any supplemental data requested. Firms that have a current SF254 on file with the college are not required to resubmit that form; however they must submit an SF255 to be considered.


The college issues a Request for Proposal (RFP) to the A/E firm selected for the project. The RFP describes the requirements, available site information, draft of contract, and request for cost information.  Meanwhile, the college develops an independent cost estimate using the best information available on current costs for similar type projects.

The negotiations and discussions should cover the project requirements, time constraints, completion time, construction cost limitations, contract documents, and the A/E

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