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The request letter, the DGS Board of Public Works Agenda Item Request A/E Contract Award form (See Section 14 Attachments) and all applicable information included in the checklist should be sent to:

Original to:Finance Policy Analyst for Community College Capital

Maryland Higher Education Commission

839 Bestgate Mall, Suite 400

Annapolis, MD 21401-3013

Two Copies to:Program Administrator for Community Colleges

(w/back up)Department of General Services

301 West Preston Street, Suite 1207

Baltimore, MD 21201-2365

One Copy to:Capital Budget Analyst for Community Colleges

(w/back up)Department of Budget and Management

301 West Preston Street, Suite 1209

Baltimore, MD 21201-2365

The request letter shall include the following:

Name of project and project number

Name of A/E firm recommended

Procurement method (Competitive Sealed Proposals, MD Architectural/Engineering Services Act, Competitive Bids)

Design fee

Design fee breakdown of basic and special services if applicable

Explanation and justification for fees higher than the DGS guidelines for A/E fees.

The Board of Public Works announces meeting dates in December and May for the following six months.  The Department of General Services issues a table of BPW dates.  Included are DGS cut-off dates for the colleges to submit their BPW requests for inclusion in the next available agenda.

While the formal BPW request should go through the MHEC, the Department of General Services reviews and approves the A/E selection process and fees, prepares and carries the item on its agenda to the Board of Public Works.  The colleges should contact DGS to discuss upcoming BPW items, dates, scheduling and issues regarding BPW approval.  

If necessary, a representative of the College should be in attendance at the Board of Public Works meeting to support their projects and answer Board members questions.

Designs of projects that are funded entirely with local money do not require Board of Public Works approval.  However, if the State will be participating in funding of the construction, the design documents shall be provided to the State agencies for a technical

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