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1st Draft Roll-up of Potential Partnerships to be profiled during DAY 2 at IGR 2

A. Proposed format of Day 2 at IGR 2: There are approximately 6 rooms available for breakout sessions at the conference venue. We suggest that each partnership have a separate meeting for two hours each to discuss operational modalities, progress, concrete results. In addition, these partnerships would be invited to bring information and documents to include in the Venue hallways/corridor promoting the partnership. This would be a highly interactive, informative and exciting day.

  • B.

    Proposed partnerships to be profiled at IGR 2: a preliminary list includes the following:

    • 1.

      Xiamen + coastal cities partnership:

GPA is actively involved as co-organizer in preparing the Xiamen International Forum for Coastal Cities (Xiamen Forum), which is to be held in Xiamen, South-eastern China from 8 to 9 October 2005. Other organizers of the Xiamen Forum include the Xiamen Municipal Government, the State Environmental Protection Administration of China (SEPA), the GEF/UNDP/IMO Regional Programme on Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA) and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. The purpose of this Forum is to invite mayors from coastal cities around the globe to work together towards achieving the goals of sustainable development.

Expected Outcome at IGR 2: Partnership of coastal cities.

Contact persons: Cees van de Guchte, GPA (c.vandeguchte@unep.nl)

  • Dr. Wangzhao Zhu, director of SETPC


  • Jeoven Wang

Liaison Officer & Special Assistant Secretariat Xiamen International Coastal Cities Forum Deputy Director Foreign Affairs Office Xiamen Municipal Government Tel:+86 592 5398785, 2232201,2232207,2232303 Fax: +86 592 2230950

2. WW2BW: White Water to Blue Water

The main raison d’être of WW2BW is to support dynamic partnerships that promote sustainable environmental management within the Caribbean region as a whole. The WW2BW initaitive focuses on the following thematic issues:

  • Integrated watershed management

  • Marine Eco-system based management

  • Sustainable tourism

  • Environmentally sound marine transportation

Expected Outcome at IGR 2: Further impetus to WW2BW and possible expansion to SPREP and PERSEA regions.


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