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4. WSSCC: Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council

The Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) is a leading international organisation that enhances collaboration in the water supply and sanitation sector to accelerate the achievement of sustainable water, sanitation and waste management services to all people, with special attention to the unserved poor, by enhancing collaboration among developing countries and external support agencies and through concerted action programmes.

A new partnership between UNEP/GPA and the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) has been launched during the H2O - From Hilltops to Oceans Global partnership conference, held in Cairns, Australia, 11-14 May. It links the Wastewater Emission Targets (WET) initiative to the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for all campaign (WASH). WET-WASH ensures that the WSSD targets on Water and Sanitation include all aspects, in particular hygiene awareness and the re-use and safe discharge of wastewater.

Expected Outcome at IGR 2: Further operationalise WET-WASH and joint out reach and programmatic activities. JPOI sanitation targets.

Website: www.wsscc.org

Contactperson: Cees van de Guchte, GPA (c.vandeguchte@unep.nl) and Caroline van der Voorden, WHO (vandervoordenc@who.int)

5. London Dumping Convention:

The focus of the partnership is on the dumping of wastes from vessels (and airplanes) and is connected to pollution from land-based activities. Instead of being discarded of directly into the marine environment it is being loaded on ships and then dumped further away from the coast. In the centre of the partnership are: 1) Prevention of marine pollution from LBS/A; 2) Waste management; 3) Implementation of the LDC through the Regional Seas regional platforms.

Expected Outcome at IGR 2: to be defined

Contacts: Ellik Adler (ellik.adler@unep.org) Within IMO the main contact persons:

Mr. Jean Claude Sainlos, Director, Marine Environment Division. Tel: +44 20 7587 3142 (jcsainlos@imo.org) and Mr. Rene Coenen, Tel: +44 20 7735 7611 (rcoenen@imo.org)

6. IOI:

UNEP/GPA is been working for several years with IOI. Recently, GPA is working closely with IOI Southern Africa (TSC Benguela Current) and IOI Pacific (TSC Fiji) in order to provide training on municipal wastewater management to practitioners from municipalities in Southern Africa and the Pacific. Both IOI branches are active course development units of the UNDOALOS Train-Sea-Coast programme.

Expected Outcome at IGR 2: Joint outreach and training courses.

Contact persons: Dr. Kim Prochaska, Director, IOI Southern Africa E-mail: kprochazka@uwc.ac.za Web site: http://www.ioisa.org.za/


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