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Mr. Joeli Veitajaki, Director, IOI Pacific Islands E-mail: veitayaki_j@usp.ac.fj Web site: http://www.sidsnet.org/mir/pacific/usp/marine/ioi/team.htm

7. Global Water Partnership:

The Global Water Partnership is a working partnership among all those involved in water management: government agencies, public institutions, private companies, professional organizations, multilateral development agencies and others committed to the Dublin-Rio principles. GWP promotes the implementation of the IWRM (which should include sustainable management of coastal zones/coastal zone management as per the GWP IWRM toolbox).

UNEP/GPA submitted two case studies on the implementation of the GPA Wastewater programme in Tanzania en Panama to the GWP’s Toolbox (via Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP)). The purpose of GWP's ToolBox on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM ToolBox) is to provide water management professionals clear examples of good and bad practices and lessons learned from real life experiences of implementing IWRM.

Expected Outcome at IGR 2: Close cooperation between freshwater and coastal zone communities.

Websites: www.gwpforum.org Toolbox: http://gwpforum.netmasters05.netmasters.nl/en/index.html Contactpersons: Attie Kuiken a.kuiken@nwp.nl Torkil Jonch-Clausen (tjc@dhi.dk)

8. World Oceans Network:

The WON is a network of organizations, including UNEP GPA, that aims to inform and inspire the public to change their approach to ocean management.

Expected Outcome at IGR 2: Joint outreach/awareness raising.

Contact: Philippe Vallette, Co-Chair World Ocean Network Office C/o NAUSICAA, Centre national de la Mer BP 189 – Boulevard Sainte Beuve 62203 Boulogne – sur- mer Cedez France Tel: +33 321 30 99 99 Fax: +33 321 30 93 94 www.worldoceannetwork.org


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