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9. WHO and UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) for water supply and sanitation http://www.wssinfo.org/en/welcome.html

The goals of the JMP are to report on the status of water-supply and sanitation, and to support countries in their efforts to monitor this sector, which will enable better planning and management.

Expected Outcome at IGR 2: Reporting on JPOI targets including wastewater collection, treatment, reuse and reallocation the natural environment.

Contact: Cees van de Guchte, GPA and Jamie Bartram (bartramj@who.int)


A partnership that resulted in the production and publish of the Guidelines on Municipal Wastewater Management and the 10 KEYS (also endorsed by UNICEF)

Expected Outcome at IGR 2: Endorsement of 10 KEYS and guidelines by other partners.

Contact: Cees van de Guchte, GPA

11. Sanitation Connection (SANICON):

In cooperation with the International Water Association (IWA), the Water and Sanitation Programme (WSP), the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) and the UNEP/GPA Coordination Office, an Internet-based interactive information network on environmental sanitation has been developed: SANICON. Environmental sanitation includes interventions to (a) reduce people’s exposure to disease by providing a clean environment in which to live, with measures to break the cycle of disease, and (b) minimize the negative impact on the wider environment and critical ecosystems caused by poor management of human and animal wastes.


Expected Outcome at IGR 2: Joint information provision.

Contact: Cees van de Guchte, GPA and Jamie Bartram (bartramj@who.int)

12. UNESCO-IHE – UNDOALOS – UNEP/GPA Train-Sea-Coast partnership

UNEP/GPA has become a member of the UNDOALOS Train-Sea-Coast Programme and contributed a course on improving municipal wastewater management in coastal cities to the network. The course was developed jointly with the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education and is being implemented, jointly with UNESCO-IHE, UNDOALOS TSC network members and other academic institutions in a variety of countries and in different languages.

Expected Outcome at IGR 2: Joint training and revitalisation TSC programme as it relates to GPA/ICZM/Nutrients.

Contact persons: Robert Bechtloff, GPA (r.bechtloff@unep.nl)


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