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The Impending Crisis


The Impending Crisis attempts to tell the side that has been left out for over twenty years, not to be upsetting or negative. Surely there has been a degree of glossing over details and deletion of important information over the last twenty years, so some of this material may seem biased or upsetting. Should this be the case, please refer to study materials and consultation with some long term members who can verify or deny the items that concern you. It is better for us to deal in truth than to enjoy pleasant fantasies. Do pray a lot while reading this material.

Remember, when we got clean, there was no book, no large Fellowship, only a few hundred meetings and so forth. We made specific prayers of selflessness that blinded us to ego and we did not divert our attention to 'play it smart,' we just prayed for strength and guidance to do God's footwork. Suffice to say, this did arouse envy and jealousy in others I suppose some of the California old timers tried to take up for us, but it is easy to fall from grace when it's us against a corporation.

I have only recently discovered there are corporate activities all over the planet that seek to own community water supplies - including Atlanta, Georgia! In South America they call it 'selling the rain' - where they dry up available water supplies to force populations to buy the 'corporate' water! They call it 'privatization.' People in some cities died fighting for the right to drink water from a stream! Our little NAWS, Inc. is attempting to do the same thing to us. Certainly we are not against the good folks who work at WSO.

But let's clarify something first - Narcotics Anonymous is not the WSO. Narcotics Anonymous is a 12 step spiritual fellowship of men and women with a desire to stop using. The World Service Office is a business entity we set up as a service office to fill literature orders and conduct our official business for us and at our own direction.

There would be little need for this essay if there was no conflict hurtful to our mission and our unity in NA. Sometimes I think God may have set it up this way. If so, God also impels us to do what we can to resolve at least the larger issues so that a pattern consistent with our goals and aspirations emerges now and then. We absolutely do not have to agree on everything. But ever since we got done with writing our Basic Text and expanding our way of life all over the world, it has become more obvious that we have an overgrown, deceitful and manipulative bureaucracy attached to our primary service center. It suckles on a money cord and avariciously maintains a tight grip on our cash flow. After all, no one complains about literature orders getting filled and many services have maintained a high standard of excellence over the years. There are however certain matters that seem to come up repeatedly.

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