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they are out of line and don't really know it. Maybe I am out of line to say this but the Fellowship through the WSC told me to go and study the materials as a member of an Ad Hoc and I submitted a sixty page typewritten report on the A.A. Twelve Concepts to the WSC one year. I don't say theirs is a perfect system but I believe that a member reading it would feel comfort and support for the vital importance of their membership.

“Sharing from the experience of someone who was around in the "good times", we did better when it was understood that no one was above the principles of our structure. We surrendered and served side by side. - New Attitudes Newsletter - June/July 96

The Twelve Concepts

My friends have told me that the chaotic Twelve Concepts were a necessary step towards the radical changes in our service structure in the late 1990's. I had trouble understanding just how this is so because I must be the earliest member of NA to read, digest and study the AA 12 Concepts at the request of the NA World Service Conference. From the beginning I found the NA concepts so poorly written and spiritually distasteful it was hard for me to take them seriously. I was sort of lonely in my view point but that's the way it is when you study. I am a former member of the World Service Board of Trustees and have always believed in group conscience. I mean this is an instance of divine will. Like you can't beat it, betray it or get around it because the people know.

Several times in the 1990's I built myself up to a real positive level. Then I sat down to see if maybe just changing a few words would help make the NA Twelve Concepts read better. Each time, I found the experience just horrible. Like the one about "right of redress." For one thing, who the heck do you know who uses language like that? In my experience, the same lynch mob that hanged you on Friday, will hang you again next week, if only to avoid the possibility- of admitting they made a mistake.

Several of the Concepts contain sentences that are arbitrary misrepresentations. My favorite is the one with the line about the 12 Steps were meant to guide our personal recovery; the 12 Traditions to guide our groups but the 12 Concepts were meant to guide our service structure. Either it is a flagrant joke or most people don't realize the implicit attack on our 12 Traditions. It is probably the most gross and obscene attack on the 12 Traditions of NA that has ever occurred. I know this may seem kind of shocking to some readers but maybe someday you will take a look at the AA 12 Concepts and it will dawn on you just how massively we as a Fellowship have been duped.

Abuse of surrender and trust among the members of Narcotics Anonymous carries its own penalty: loss of conscious contact and growing shame and guilt. I believe all people have an internal witness that monitors a persons behavior. When we go against our internal values too far, we begin to punish ourselves. The Fellowship has endless options to retain their recovery and find ways to go on. But those who abuse the spirit of NA will punish themselves, even if they do not wind up in court for malfeasance.

Spiritual Condition depends on Mental State - for NA to reverse the dwindling meeting count we need to build up our positive energy and begin to erode the negativity. Those who perpetrate the things that result in negativity, will deny their complicity and attempt to put the blame on members who raise the questions about their policies and actions.

NA must be strong against outside influences. This should go without saying, yet there is no mention of this that I know of in NAWS, Inc. publications. Despite the marketeering of big pharmaceutical companies to push drug replacement involving habit forming drugs, the whole subject is dismissed as an outside issue. If doctors decided a good stiff drink now and then would help an alcoholic, would AA members regard it as an outside issue?

Poor thinking is like using. Power is a strong catalyst drug triggering chemical reactions in the body similar to drugs that give a person a false sense of power and energy. It is scientifically known that the human body has it own drugs like serotonin and endorphins which can be triggered by moods, anger, extreme selfishness, fear and other personal states. These natural drug releases that can be minimized or eliminated by spiritual principles. This is one of the factors in the 'hey, look at me' behavior. It is an easy trap for an addict struggling with recovery to fall into.

The Twelve Concepts are the greatest violation of our Twelve Traditions ever. Take a fresh look. Highlight the lines to go against, or counter,rrran one or more of our Traditions. When they were being composed, some grateful, loving, and caring members worked hard to build something good for NA. Then someone else came in and after the project was taken from the members working on it, ami they put in a line or two, here and there. You can tell. Some of the sentences are forced and don't

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