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fit the flow. It would be a good project for someone to try and locate the lines that were added before the Fellowship got to see them. The line about the Concepts being written to guide our service structure is the killer. It takes the protections afforded by the Twelve Traditions and moves the structure under the Concepts. Of course, the Traditions still apply in all cases but it is a lawyer thing. The membership's voice was throttled.

The NA 12 Concepts drive a wedge between group conscience and world services by making the service structure a corporate management system. The Fellowship had no reason to expect such a thing could happen in their times back in the early 1990's and had no ready-made defense for it. To a great extent, the bureaucrats in world service exploited these weaknesses, converting trust and surrender into deficiencies. Where was God? Pain makes a man wise if it does not kill him but it may take a while. We are learning what it is like to have a spiritual Fellowship ruled by mercenaries who were supposed to do our bidding.

But when they methodically acquired control of our information systems, it gradually moved towards "NAWS way or the causeway." Any member not according with NAWS corporate policy was treated as a heretic and excommunication was accomplished by simply ignoring the member in the paperwork. The corporate strategy was to take over, eliminate the opposition and then revise our writings to cover their tracks. The second task was altering the approved materials which might prove embarrassing after the membership took a longer look. Much like in the book "1984".

Most NA members are unaware of the disparity between the 12 Concepts of NA versus the AA Concepts. A direct comparison is the only way to see the difference for yourself. The similarity of the Steps and Traditions of NA make it easy to suppose the Concepts are very similar. But consider the following comparison:

AA Concept 12

12. General Warranties of the Conference: in all its proceedings, the General Service Conference shall observe the spirit of the A. A. Tradition, taking great care that the conference never becomes the seat of perilous wealth or power; that sufficient operating funds, plus an ample reserve, be its prudent financial principle; that none of the Conference Members shall ever be placed in a position of unqualified authority over any of the others; that all important decisions be reached by discussion, vote, and, whenever possible, by substantial unanimity; that no Conference action ever be personally punitive or an incitement to public controversy; that, though the Conference may act for the service of Alcoholics Anonymous, it shall never perform any acts of government; and that, like the Society of Alcoholics Anonymous which it serves, the Conference itself will always remain democratic in thought and action.

NA Concept 12

12. In keeping with the spiritual nature of Narcotics Anonymous our structure should be one of service, never of government.

When the service structure changed removing the 'world representative' from the World Service Conference, the Super Board could be engineered. Our name was now lent to a legal corporation: NAWS, Inc. When it suits them, NAWS cites the Traditions. When the will of the Fellowship goes against corporate policy, they cite the Concepts. With our Traditions compromised, the corporation can proceed to appease the big pharmaceutical interests and treatment industry by eroding our stand on total abstinence.

The best examples of this are contained in the document In Times of Illness. Now, an effort is underway to deceive the Fellowship into voting away our Second and Ninth Traditions. Yahoo! Ride 'em cowboy! Of course the group conscience system was dismantled long ago, leaving only the vestiges of our old service structure. For those of you new to this information and perspective, the original service structure gave every member a vote, wrote the Basic Text and spread NA all over the planet

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