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earth. It is immoral to still the voice of group conscience.


The original version is fairly good and useful. Somehow, the new revised forty-seven page NAWS

document says,

"Some members have found that they were fully capable of fulfilling their service commitments while taking medication to treat an illness or injury, while others have made the choice to step down. This is a deeply personal decision.

“We will want to consider what is best for both the fellowship and ourselves." Pg 18 In Times of Illness Pamphlet (ITOI)

This statement completely negates our clean time requirements outlined in all our previous Service Manuals. It refers to ALL Levels of service. Quite a sweeping statement for aNA piece of approved literature. Doctors and other educated readers of ITOI (pronounced: e-toy) will conclude with a shake of their head that NA is basically a clap-trap street gang.

The bulk of the material reads like a college student learning thematic structure wrote it and got a 'C' on the test. I doubt many members of NA are aware of just how far the revised ITOI goes to undermine the principle of total abstinence and misrepresent our magnificent Fellowship. Oh, yeah! It was sent out in the CAR! But you know, members don't read the CAR like they used to. If a mistake has been made, the Fellowship has a duty, not a right, a duty to correct it. It is the duty of the Conference to get the word out to the regions, areas, groups and members,  It takes a lot of work to do this but from my own experience, I know it can be done. We did it with volunteers and no financial support so we sure can do it now with the money we have coming in and with new technology like the Internet.

I know several years ago the WSO was found to have a written black list. I am wondering if today NAWS, Inc. has such a list. If so, we need to re-think our position relative to the corporate entity that thinks it owns and controls all of NA. In our 12 Traditions it states clearly that our service boards and committees are "directly responsible" to the members of NA who created them. It means just that.

Making the Fellowship into a random crowd of uninformed people who haven't a clue what is going on in World Service nullifies their capacity to participate in meaningful voting at any level of service. Plus from the groups all the way down to the executive branches which are confined by our 12 Traditions to carry7 out the will of the Fellowship as expressed in group conscience. The executive branches are put at the bottom because they are furthest removed from NA. It is seeming more and more like the information coming out of NAWS, Inc. is excessively complicated so as to be unreadable by most NA members. This means they are more likely to vote as they are told and not question things they might disagree with or disapprove.

One new idea being propagated by NAWS, Inc. is the notion that the inverted pyramid is poorly thought out and does not really represent reality. This is another example of corporate management. The report style is designed to be readable without giving the membership information that lends itself to coherent voting on issues that affect the growth and continuance of our Fellowship.

The service structure was designed to be reflective of the basket and literature sales from the Fellowship. The whole idea was to style WSO so that a friendly, service oriented WSO would always be well taken care of by the Fellowship it served. And likewise, a belligerent, selfish, money-hungry and governing WSO would soon have financial problems. Raising prices and haranguing the Fellowship, rigging deceptive changes in our service structure and manipulating group conscience processes to suit the NAWS Board of Directors who think they run NA. This opposes all concepts of NA service. Lip service, slick displays and corporate betrayal should not be allowed to fool the Fellowship into bowing and scraping before the grand service altar.

The whole reason voting representatives were well treated in the 1970's and 1980's is because they went way out of their way to discuss and define what the members wanted to happen and then worked hard to bring those very things about. Without group conscience, the structure is just a business. Without the Twelve Traditions, the corp is free to act in any manner it chooses. It has no bounds. Let it be known that there is a large and aware body of membership tracking the events of sabotage against our group conscience system. These people are not happy.

There are several ways a society can be formed. It can arise out of common cause, forced regimentation and either the breaking

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