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down of larger groups into smaller societies or the reverse: the gathering together of smaller groups into larger assemblies. The groups can be held together by force like a military state or share a common goal or vision that is strong enough to make common cause and hold them together. In NA we share the pain of active addiction and the trials and joys of recover)'. NA is people. NA is addicts seeking recovery - not a service board, committee, literature or any other thing. NA is people like you and I.

Of course, it often goes without saying that our surrender and our recovery depend very much on how we feel about NA. This underscores greatly what we euphemistically call our NA politics. These conflicts of policy injure our ability to carry our message by bringing outside issues into sharp focus. Naturally there are at least two sides of the coin: those who have a correct notion about recovery and NA and those who fail to understand. In general, you are better off if you can really see both sides of the coin whether you agree with them or not.. If you think there is only one side that is right, you are leaving out the all mighty X-factor.

I regard myself and my friends as the correct ones because we produce much of what we call our common welfare. Not just slogans and rash ideas, I mean copyrighted material that accounts for most of the cash flow in NA and its service boards. This is group service, personal service, volunteer structural service and written materials based on group conscience processes. We are not egotistical or self-centered about this because we made prayers of self-lessness and scrupulously attended to the will of the NA Fellowship in person and in writing. The strength of this statement lies in the popularity and universal appeal of our writings.

Somehow, through interesting mental acrobatics, our opposition seems to characterize us as unbusinesslike and non-professional and therefore unrealistic. Perhaps they are jealous or fear we will take over some day. This is all pretty far-fetched and may be based on the fears of persons either dead or neutralized by health and age. You can't catch them expressing this but it is obvious in the way that many of us - as a group - are left out of the goings and comings of world services at present. If a member of the corp thinks of it, it might be good. If a regular member thinks of it, well, it is probably not good. Where did this blatant disregard of any other member of NA for any reason come from?

Much time has passed since the 1990's when the radical changes in our service structure have resulted in making the regional levels of service an extension of the NAWS, Inc. management system. In other words, the small California based NAWS, Inc. controls the direction and content of all world service publications. Therefore those publications represent only the corporate point of view. The more free Fellowship writing we have, the better for us all. We are not a branch of the Federal Government or Homeland Security nor do we  condone replacing some drugs with others and calling it recovery.

Fortunately for everyone, there are now many alternate sources of publication making a free Fellowship system of announcements, discussions and concerns available to anyone with a computer, a friend who has one, or access to a library. Printouts make it easy to propagate the Fellowship service system. All real Fellowship services are conducted at the regional level and above that at the area and group level. The lowest pits of service are under the illusion that they have control, so don't upset them by letting on that they have somehow missed the boat.

In light of their lack of vision, we will be kind and gracious to them, though they have been less than kind and gracious to we the members of NA to whom they are directly responsible. Instead of meanness of spirit and vindictiveness, let humor and freely available information be our weapons to diminish the moguls of NA to their proper role of carrying out the will of the Fellowship. Or they can leave, resign or keep on until the Fellowship rises up and impeaches them.

We addicts depend on learning to advance our lives by discovering and adding to the building blocks we know so far. It has been obvious for thirty years that something odd is taking place in our Fellowship. First of all, we got no fiscal support during the writing of the Basic Text. Our proudest old-timer, Jimmy K., refused to even allow the World Literature Committee writing the Basic Text to utilize the portion of the White Booklet, Another Look, verbatim in one of the newly written chapters. And this was in a review form, not a final: a review piece to gather input from the Fellowship. No reason to block its inclusion in the Basic Text Review form except it might not be to his personal liking. Basically, this sent a very clear message that all was not well in the NA community. To be distrusted in the very midst of writing the Fellowship's long awaited book spoke reams about why it had not yet been written. Well, that's a personal thing isn't it? But the Basic Text, Narcotics Anonymous, is a Fellowship thing. So maybe God's Will was done despite the good intentions of the Lit Committee. So, Another Look was left out.

The reason for writing this all out is there is a peculiar species of presumption that if it isn't written, then it really didn't happen. So, we the Lit Committee members and significant supporters have been  accused of locking Jimmy out of his World Service Office when really it was his own distrust beginning with the denial of permission to include Another Look that locked him

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