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out. Not coming in to work and picking up his new door key may also be a factor. Huffing off and presuming he was locked out may be yet another. We'll never really know. And that no one will speak allows the lie to tumble forward endlessly in time with no other means of resolution but to tell the truth. Only a fear-based person would be afraid to tell the truth. It doesn't hurt his reputation or diminish his magnificent contributions, but it is childish to imagine the collective "Fellowship" as uncaring and ungrateful. These people were very wide awake when all this happened and everyone I was in touch with was saddened and embarrassed.

We found out later that the whole thing happened because the guy who was supposed to tell Jimmy a new WSO manager had been chosen by the WSC just couldn't bring himself to tell him. He was close to Jimmy and very responsible and his emotional loyalty to Jimmy prevented him from heading off the terrible misunderstanding that ensued. Also, the notion of an ungrateful Fellowship seems to be the brain child of Bill Beck,  who admitted as much just prior to his death a few years ago. So, while a few may know these things, it is not exactly common knowledge. So, when it comes time to honor the old-timer, those who know only the misleading rumor will think, "Oh, we're supposed to be ungrateful." Actually, Jimmy K is regarded with respect and affection and people don't give much credence to the rumors. This applies to other areas of our Fellowship and specifically r the matter at hand. Again, shrouding these things in a veil of secrecy serves no one.

We are faced with a crisis wherein our beloved WSO and its outgrowth corporate giant NAWS, Inc., have decided to take over NA. It is evident from their actions that they have created a sort of virtual reality where what they know, think and feel is real and everything else is conjecture. Those of us who have been around long enough to know better are relegated to the status of trouble makers and resentful old-timers out of touch with the 'new reality' of NA today. We'll get to that. For the sake of inclusion, this document will be added to by as many members as can come up with something not yet expressed. My hope is that in the final form, it will be complete enough to stand up for where the Fellowship is at present in the year 2010.

In recovery, faith progressively replaces fear. Fear and fear-based thinking is the basis for the disease of addiction. Not trusting the Fellowship has long been a problem for many - outsiders and members alike. Unless you have studied bureaucracy as a subject, you have no way of understanding that corporations make decisions based on insufficient information. Information costs time and money and no decision is based on much more that 51% accurate information. For example, a corp needs to know if there is enough business in an area to construct a parking deck. They only need to know how many people drive to work and how many parking spaces are available. That's it. To spend any more money to find out more than these statistics before making a decision is a waste of funds and cuts into profits from the proposed project. Project, research, decide. Repeat the process. Corporations do fail but they try to prosper. When they fail, it is generally because their information was incomplete or inaccurate. They may fear failure but they have faith in their data. Faith-based decisions function around the idea that we check all the visible data but feel assurance within ourselves that a loving ultimate authority will be taking care of everything and everyone as well.

Now, the trouble comes in where the fear-based people will usually not admit their lack of faith. Maybe they just trust the mental perceptions more than the spiritual perceptions. So they proceed to take control of things but yet have a gnawing fear that they are missing something. And that something is known somehow to the faith-based folks who won't tell them what's going on. So. the faith-based folk are deliberately withholding information to insure the failure of the fear-based. So, faith somehow gets interpolated into something akin to sabotage. And yet the fear-based cling even more tightly to their schemes of control and their perceived sanity, while the faith-based folk look on in wonderment at the lack of surrender.

One simple truth is that when you are relaxed and clear-headed, you can see and hear better. While the fear-based folk will never admit the role played by the faith people, the faith people credit the earnestness and grinding efforts of the fearful. They have been there. And for all the wisdom and relief to be found in the 12 Steps of NA, fear will never loosen its grip in those who cannot surrender.

One member observed that the WSC Literature Committee was WSO's dream come true. They wrote literature that sold into the millions of dollars and yet never asked for or received a dime from, WSO. So, all these years, money has flooded into world services from the sale of the Basic Text while at the same time all the people who were directly involved in the writing are alienated and derided by WSO through their systematic control right down the line to the people who answer the phone at WSO.

One member shared:

"/ was talking to Bo S. 1 called him to see if he could help us with an event we 're going to be having this I abor i >ay & during our talk, I recalled another talk I 'd had in the last couple of years, with Steve R., afellowshipfacilitator. I believe in his position, concerning the guide to PI and why it was no longer available to the fello\v ship after the

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