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the service structure work. But the rule is simplicity and consistency, not complexity and exceptional special cases. I think the time has come for the Fellowship to take time to seriously consider stopping the encroachment of an outside issue corporation that has taken over NA. NA is a spiritual Fellowship and therefore our members go through considerable trouble to stay apprized of our growth and changes. Things go good when members pull together. An increasing number of members take issue with the way NAWS, Inc. and some staff members overrun their Second Tradition boundaries.

Outside Audience

Most, if not all, members who get tired of fighting NAWS, Inc. find it easier to go to Alcoholics Anonymous. Rumors have it that AA is filling up with displeased and unhappy NA members who love the NA program but hate the politics. Many other members stay in the rooms of NA but refuse to get involved with service again. Why is this?

There are NA watchers in business, medicine, law and government as well as media and other 1 2 Step programs. Certainly our families are another big audience.   

The Federal Court Judge Pollock stated formally that we had become divided among ourselves and lost touch with our primary purpose. Lawyers were overheard discussing the FIPT (Fellowship Intellectual Properties Trust) on a trans-continental flight. The lawyers hired by WSO arranged a meeting in their offices and had me set next to George H. who represented the WSO in court. George sat beside me with his head in his hands for quite some time. This was underscored by the fact that there were no chairs left by the time George came and the senior attorney glanced at the tableau and got a chair from the adjacent room and placed it beside me, seating George where he thought it might do some good.

I am a witness that the writers of the Basic Text didn't want money or personal recognition. This lack of definition created a vacuum that power hungry people were drawn into like flies. Character assassination campaigns raged for decades with baseless accusations whispered like inside trader knowledge. There is a saying from AA that mentions 'contempt prior to investigation.' I am here to tell you there is more than contempt.

As the gulf widened between the volunteer service workers who built up NA from scratch through active involvement in the newly formed NA World Service Conference we learn the vocabulary of deceit. First comes the misinformation and disinformation. One involves omission of important facts, the other deliberate lies. Then 'inappropriate' was a way of being politely damning. After that the strange word used by court room attorneys was learned: dissembling. Dissembling involves the careful presentation of facts which only support the client's side of the questions about what really brought about the case at hand. So, very far from simple 'contempt,' you enter the land of deep and deliberate personal attack, character assassination, black listing. There are many shades of deceit All this takes the addict seeking recovery far from the subjects of complete, creative freedom and worthy spiritual goals.

Rumor that I was paid $25,000 apparently swept through the members active in world services for years and probably to this day. While untrue, what a juicy little lie to impress people with your knowledge of what 'really happened.' We can feel for an individual so bereft of personal accomplishment as to need such a ploy to bolster their flagging egos. Our tolerance and compassion does not exempt them from the self-destructiveness that they bring on themselves from deliberate wrongdoing. Around 1995, I finally heard the rumor and said 'publicly' that the only time I recall $25,000 coming up was one time Bob Stone asked me how much money, iost time from work, and I,1) the work on the Basic Text had cost me. I made up a random but somewhat thought out figure. So; I said to my accusers, "So, if I didn't get paid $25,000 by WSO, you gotta kiss my ass?" That was sort of the end of the conversation, such as it was. I never got my $25K and I never got my ass kissed either.

Where the subject of money comes up, it is a plain fact that profits derived from Basic Text sales has provided the bulk of funds for world services since 1983. By distancing the book writers, and the dominant group in world services failing to face the facts, a strange situation has slowly developed. The writers are treated as loose cannons because they have their remembrances of their actual experience as a reference point. These remembrances coincide with the written records, minutes, correspondences and other eyewitness accounts. All of us wanted our people to stop dying and have a chance at living a better life. But this does not make the corporation look good, so it is given the hush treatment.

If we ever get this mess straightened out, we need to hold workshops to make our members aware of the prices paid by their predecessors for the freedom and liberty they enjoy. We as a Fellowship have never gotten anything easily and yet, it has been our experience that once we become willing, a loving God steps in and takes care of things for us. But only after we become

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