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While our First Tradition stresses the importance of keeping our groups together, the Second Tradition warns us of people who would seek to govern rather than serve us. We are abjured against lending our name to outside enterprises. It also stresses that while we as members, and as a Fellowship, have the inalienable power to create service boards and committees - they must remain directly responsible to those they serve. They serve our needs; we do not serve their needs. Neither can they rule, censor, dictate or decide things for us.

A major flaw exists in the poorly written 12 Concepts of NA. It says the Concepts were written to guide our service structure - implying the 12 Traditions only address group needs. This is where our service structure took a wrong turn. This is the focus of the Crisis. When more members realize this - the crisis will no longer be impending, it will be here! When you realize you have done something wrong, you have to stop doing it, admit you have been wrong and get the word out to others who don't yet know better. It is not about blame.

One over-simplified version of what's happened is that the members who were more experienced with surrender and spiritual principles zoomed ahead and built the new Fellowship in the early nineteen eighties. Those who were left behind were horrified and confused and put forth terrific energy to capture positions of perceived power and control, to restore order as they saw things. Their shortfall has been passed down to members coming into NA ever since.

Several likely occurrences included selling the Fellowship the innocuous notion that today's Fellowship is larger and worldwide and so needs to be updated. This simplistic idea will serve to shoe horn in 'certain drugs are ok' to appease the pressure groups advocating drug use as a business.  This faction is ignoring a basic tenant of NA's program of recovery. A program of total abstinence is being bulldozed aside as a consequence.

Instead of building on the actuality of members experience, newcomers will vote in almost anything. Our leadership is rendered obsolete, casting aside many decades of clean time experience. Atetr in my experience powerless people are always looking for a 'power move' and so inexperienced newer members will vote the way they are told just to stick their lip out. They love to see old-timer writhe! Fun disease. Our own service structure-system-corporate overlords putting a rope around their necks and jumping off a chair. Guess they'll show us, huh! Fewer old timers does not mean more newcomers. It means fewer members period.

The real injury in all this is that the world of recovery, of peace, of light and living close to the will of our higher power gets second billing to the 'busy-ness.' After a time, the spiritual life becomes a dream again as money, property and prestige take over our conscious mind again. Recovery is about a person finding themselves - of remembering, or discovering, why they were born in the first place. Of learning how to live beyond the reach of obsession and compulsion. It may be that our mood swings, our

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