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What is at stake here? It is the right to express and embody message or hope in written, audio and any other media so that the spirit of NA rings true. This is not a corporate possession to be used like a meat axe chopping away at those who oppose their policies. If we are to be firm and correct, we must be diligent in our studies to come at a truth we can live with, a truth that co-insides with our principles of Honesty, Open-mindedness and a Willingness to try.

We include diversity, not black list the people who see things differently. NA is for all addicts seeking recovery Y\ e draw the line that they of their own volition must achieve cleanliness which is the real denominator of sincerity. We must stand apart from any organization that wishes to control us. The future is open to those who build on bed rock of total abstinence, a voice in NA and the sharing through gratitude that has characterized NA all along.

There are many so brain-washed they will be unable to read this material in its entirety. But to the faithful reader, I would say that the reason they are angry is because they are afraid, afraid they will have to do something - what? All it takes is a little study and good humor and we have all the people needed to change things for the better. They are right there, sitting beside you. They have been waiting for you to give them the go ahead, restore order and uphold the Twelve Traditions! We have proved we can be surrendered and faithful. Now let's show what we can do when we have had enough. If you don't agree we have had enough, just wait, more is on the way.

A Closing Note

What makes NA great is the ability to reach right into the hearts of people with terrible living problems and help them sort out their difficulties on a daily basis. Many of the problems seem large but turn out to be a fear of remembered pain or embarrassment. Others have injured their physical systems and it takes time for their bodies to repair themselves. All have reached a point of desperation and despair sufficient to quality for NA membership. They need hope to start on the road to recovery'. We need to clear up the contention within our Fellowship. The only hope I see is learning to deal with the avoidable problems that come up when a bunch like us get together and learn to communicate honestly.

Don't you recognize your old friend Fear? Fear is used to control people. Sometimes the risks are real. Usually, they are completely impossible in the field of reality. In effect, a good actor can read their lines so effectively that you really expect Frankenstein to walk into the room! As long as the effect is there and it pushes people in the right direction, fear seems a useful tool. Now, of course, we are not talking about spiritual principles here. We are talking about raw and terrifying money, property' and prestige that our Twelve Traditions try to warn us about.

A really moral person lives so that they don't make trouble for others and they help when they can. They avoid consciously participating in things that are hard on people, deliberately hurtful or unfair. When you switch tracks over to business it is all too easy to hide behind one of the saddest phrases that can be uttered in a spiritual program, "Don't give me that God stuff!" Business as usual is not spiritual. Manipulating people with fear and untruths is not NA. If you are illiterate or mentally challenged, don't worry about it. If you have a working brain and anything like some education and allow yourself to participate in things that are wrong, shame on you.

Be it known that NA was conceived of to fbe be a program of total abstinence for addicts seeking recovery'. Not a stepping stone to something else, not a informal treatment program, not a pawn in a game designed to get everyone to take ai least some drugs. Addicts like this have no where else to go, so there is a measure of cruelty for those who are attempting to change NA. We don't want it changed. We have built new lives here. It is our program - outsiders have no business creeping into positions of trust and re-writing total abstinence into oblivion.

Sure all the workers at WSO could get a raise if Drug Court/Homeland Security took over administration of NA. We do not care. We don't want that. If our road is made a little bumpy by those unwilling or unable to credit our history with consistency and carefully formulated intention, we can weather that storm. But the idea that a few bureaucrats can tamper with our proven program is not only absurd, it is illegal.

From what we are seeing right now, it is time to re-visit the entire subject. We don't need a corporation to control us or run NA like a business. It is not a top-down system. It is a democratic

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