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organization that comes together and decides its future directions and choices based firmly on the lessons learned in the past. Right now, our bureaucrats are trying their dead level best to pretend that past and those issues have not yet be debated and decided. They have no right to do that. It is conceivable that they are so uninformed that they don't even realize what they are doing. But we do and it is very proper for us to rise up as a Fellowship and determine our future go or along the pathways of what got us clean in the first place.

We need to articulate that fear is driving the problems that exist between world service and the Fellowship. It seems to me that fear that the Fellowship will do something stupid or irrational compels the corp to keep making bad moves justified by poor thinking, thinking they are protecting us from ourselves.

I mean, NAWS needs help, so they come up with some new distraction. Changing the service structure figuring the regional level of service doesn't need to exist seems to be the latest thing NAWS want to change. Understand, this may be how they see things. After all, when was the last Regional motion carried at the WSC? Ah, they plan on getting more money saved by cutting the expenses incurred by regional service. If it passes, I believe it will back fire. There will be less money for them because even in the short run the more distance there is the less the Fellowship will feel obliged to help the rich and powerful NAWS, Incorporated.

It is not improper for us to take up for ourselves! Indeed, if we do not, who will? We have come a long way in a relatively short time. But we still have a long way to go if we are to endure as a spiritual Fellowship. Our society is as yet poorly formed and many do not even acknowledge our society, because they have not been taught about it. But the NA Society involves and includes all who call themselves members. All are important and none are expendable.

You can't clear away darkness with more darkness. Hate begets only more hate. It takes light and love to dispel darkness and hate. Learning and faith are what helps us with fear. There are members working hard to bring information on our NA history to you through the internet and in written forms. There are still plenty of eyewitnesses around to speak at workshops and gatherings. The more you learn, the less power goes to fear and confusion.

Part of my problem is I know what I know but am coming to realize that not everyone reads and studies like I do. I realize I don't read everything either and that makes holes in my viewpoints and proposed solutions. This is why I believe in "open_participatory" democratic processes. If there is an important point being missed, someone will catch it and the trick is to thank that person, not punish that person!

I believe we are slowly climbing the hill towards structural competence and can hope for better to come. But I remain adamant about giving broad powers to a tiny little, non_representative board with no accountability and no elective power to constitute that board. The NA Continuum is a better model because it takes in everything, right now, as is and as it will be, whatever changes occur. For myself, I feel like I somehow reached escape velocity with I came off the World Service Board in 1989 and started free Fellowship writing. Thank God!

Anytime you get misquoted and tagged by adversaries - there is some value in having stated your positions in writing available where people can get it, no matter how long it takes! What we hold in common is real and it is precious but it fades when there is contention and other goals are put before it. It is noi weakness, it is the same as driving a car. As long as the steering mechanism is directed by the Twelve Steps towards something special, something careful and magical: divine loving and caring. The way is easy and all things fall into place as if planned. Allow your vehicle to swerve a little off the road, too much or too little, and you

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