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can quickly lose sight of your goal, the goal that feeds you energy, hope, enthusiasm and fall back into despair. Surrender and the power of positive expectation are great to keep our spirits up!

Even after years clean, an addict can relapse and die using. You cannot buy, sell, bottle or meter out what we hold in common. That's why we cannot lend our name. If and when and where we do, our name becomes something else: a product, an item, a corporate possession. Should we pay for the rain?

Only you, the members of NA, can give the NAWS, Inc. group the go ahead with their plans to change the service structure. It may be a good thing   It may not be a good thing. Either way it is up to you to study, ask, discuss and decide what is to be for your Fellowship to communicate and act effectively.

Our recommendation is to pray and ask for strength and guidance. Don't stop your ears and close your eyes in hopes the car won't run off the road. Please take charge. Higher Power always has a plan that is beyond what we can see. But it is good to have the Fellowship waking up a little after all these years. The two big issues to me are drug replacement and drug court nibbling away at the edges of total abstinence and self-determination.

Loud voices demonstrate lack of faith and desire to control. No one can trick God. We learn to win by surrendering where we are powerless and stepping out on faith when the Spirit moves us. Everyone in the world is on a learning curve and no one can help where on that learning curve they are. It is up to each of us to find people we can learn from and those we can help up. This is the great process that separates us from the other life on the planet. This learning is always reflected in the general welfare of both ourselves and all those around us. It is what makes the world full of hope and wonder when there is plenty of hopelessness and despair.

The more we learn through science about the power of the mind to contain thoughts, the more amazing an individual mind becomes. Get two minds working on a common cause and their minds hold much more. Take ten thousands minds and the energy becomes incredible. And we are at least a hundred thousand addicts strong: that is what yields group conscience when it is tapped. And it is just a glimmer of what a loving God holds in store for us.

Narcotics Anonymous is people, pure and simple. Forgetting this, we fall prey to various distortions. If it is a mental construct, it can be defeated. If it is a product, it can be marginalized. If it is a proposition, it can be broken. People aspiring to do better and rediscover lost dreams that can now become reality. Each person who makes a daily decision to pay attention and find something they can do to help, they act on their better nature. It builds up and those who come to tear it down are confused when the hope springs up elsewhere and they hurry there to make safe their fragile mentality and avoid their surrender to the Ultimate Authority.

More than anything this writing is to give voice to the unheard miracle workers of NA who breathe life into the aspirations and dreams of a better life at the various important opportunities that dot our history. May the dreams and miracles keep coming along with the people who will say yes to the challenge and pick up the flame when those who carry it fall. Remember to listen to the whispers, not the loud voices.

"If you remain silent, the stones will talk."

- Without the King, movie on Swaziland


From Nevada, USA

Read NA in Crisis and it's nice to see what we're going through put into words. Just want to know what to do about it. My recovery was formed on the group conscience process that ran through everything before these concepts came into being. I tried running a meeting using the old service structure and trying to stay disconnected from WSO. However, it became apparent that people seem to believe we have to do what WSO says and not the other way around. When I would tell people we didn't want to be a part of the service structure -which also meant not being in their meeting directories -1 had "well meaning" people put our meeting in the directory anyway.

You could tell immediately when this would happen by the new influx of people coming in to tear apart the meeting. I tried this

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