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What goes on is between their doctors, higher power, and conscious. Her I consider clean; she doesn't take anything past what is prescribed, she doesn't enjoy taking them, and hates the fact that she needs to.

Him: I don't consider clean. He lies to doctors, takes what he wants when he wants it, hoards pills, etc...all the old behavior.

Drug replacement therapy and clean time? Sorry... .you ain't clean until you get off the drugs you're taking to get off your drugs. Period. NAWS can say what it wants because Hazelton needs to sell more literature, and it is going to cause a shit storm in NA. It's just the excuse addicts are looking for. It will never be the message I carry.. .nor would I ever knowingly vote someone into a position of service who is on it. I will share it loudly at meetings no matter whose feelings it hurts.

To those who have found alternative methods with their psych stuff...! commend you. To those who have fully discussed it with their doctors, attempt to take the minimal amount of psych stuff and do not enjoy having to take them -1 commend you.

To those who look for excuses to get pills, those who are still using drug replacement therapies.. .keep coming back, maybe one day you will understand what being clean is.

To those who think new NAWS literature is the greatest thing since apple pie: You're either an ostrich, a mushroom, too new to tell the difference or junking for a paid position further down/up the service chain. The former need to open your eyes and read some original literature...the latter need to go f*** yourselves.

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DVD's - personal and group readings from the material with some discussion.

IP's of sections drawn from this material - some people can only read short items.

WWW - Webpage breaking all this document into individual webpages for ease of reading and comprehension.

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