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study ask endless questions they wouldn't have asked if they had attended one or more learning days before taking up the service committees' time. The Regional servants who take time from work and family to spend long days away from home with no regional motions carried at the WSC. It is easy to see where they feel like a big rubber stamp for whatever the corp thinks is best that year. It is deadening.

Corporate Narcotics Anonymous

Corporations hire PR firms to create buzzwords to put across ideas they wish to promote. Terms like 'service system' undermine our staunch reliance on the NA 12 Traditions by sounding like a fresh viewpoint when it is just repackaging baloney. It sounds to me like NAWS has noticed members don't like picking up the tab for officiousness and cost overruns. So much money goes to WSO from literature sales that there must be a leak somewhere.

Nothing new is happening. The last time we got hit with massive structural changes was in the 1990's. NAWS has commanded such great loyalty that today's Fellowship does not recall what a real group conscience process is like. It is when a large predominance of active members are aware of a problem, discuss and research it from various angles, submit ideas and proposals which are then placed before an active and informed Fellowship and voting determines the outcome - members will support the process, even it doesn't go their way because it is all open and above board. There are reasons why today's Fellowship doesn't trust the process. Documentation: when is the last time a motion originating in a region of NA has passed at the so-called World Service Conference?

Like a coat of paint on an old tool, the proposed structural changes pretend to be something new. But on closer examination, it it just puts NAWS in charge of everything with fewer voting members so it is easier to control and plan outcomes while maintaining the appearance of democratic processes. It is probably financially motivated to save money also. Gone is the idea that our worldwide Fellowship can count on its primary service conference to inform, involve and take time with members who are kept up-to-date so that when we are asked for a group conscience, we don't have to go into an orgy of study and discussion.

You will notice the appearances of democratic processes are highly visible in the current move to make new radical changes in our service structure. What is not so visible is that we, as a Fellowship, did not ask for these changes. Also, it will be consistent with past behavior if we later find that NAWS has already planned the printing and implementation of their proposals because today's Fellowship is so uninformed that most frke will rubber stamp the shutting down of our Twelve Traditions like it is simply business as usual. Business as usual can encroach on matters of grave concern in a spiritual Fellowship.

New ideas come to mind when we face a tough piece of adversity. I have no doubt that unless the Fellowship wakes up to what is happening, the NAWS corporation will be broke again within ten years and probably want to change our service structure again to fix themselves. There seems to be a pattern here. I believe NA is going to survive whatever happens but just like we lost control of our "CAR" a few years back, now we are being asked to put on blindfolds and ear plugs! All before December some time. What and who does this serve?

Officiousness has never been the NA way of doing things. We do not accept leaders by right of title or position. If they cease to serve by example, well, that's it isn't it? We have no big shots or little shots in NA: one shot and we're all shot. Democratic processes save time and match up human aspirations with organizational goals and accomplishments. Leave people out, the system is left out. There is no support for a motion that if forced on a surrendered and unsuspecting Fellowship. It only has force if the people are kept in the dark. It is one of those things where the only way to win is do not play the game. Working for change in a system from the inside where the very mechanisms of positive involvement and change are damaged doesn't make much sense.

When I served on the NA Board of Trustees (WSB), I went back to the college I attended in Atlanta. I asked the Dean of the Political Science Department a few questions. He politely directed me to the school library to a book entitled Bureaucracy, I found the following sentences: "In bureaus of a financial or profit-making nature, individual opinion is sacrificed in favor of efficiency. In bureaus of a spiritual or religious nature, efficiency is sacrificed in favor of individual opinion." This permanently cleared up a host of situations for me.

Group conscience was developed and refined during the writing of the Basic Text in the years between 1979 and 1982. The World Service Conference operating under the NA Tree and its adapted forms was called the Temporary Guide to our Service

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