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CEMS Inspection Sheet                                                                                           Appendix A

What to Check


Make sure that the version used is previously certified/recertified by checking against the Monitoring Plan.

Ask to see and check the DAHS verification test for the missing data and calculation routines. Verification test results for the missing data routines and emissions calculations are required to be kept on site by '' 75.20(c)(9) and 75.63(a)(2)(iii). A vendor certification that the software meets Part 75 requirements is sufficient for missing data routines.

Ask the source what type of correction factors are applied, and how they are entered into the DAHS (pressure/temperature compensation, flow and moisture monitoring polynomials, sonic velocity correction factors, NOx quenching correction factors, dilution ratio settings).

Also ask if any changes have been made.  Changes to correction factors should be recorded in the maintenance log, and the QA/QC Plan should outline the procedures for changing the correction factors (Appendix B, Section 1.1.3). QA testing may also be required (See '75.20(b), and Recertification and Diagnostic Testing Policy).

How are the RATA results recorded?  RATA reference method data and RATA results can be input by hand.  Review some recent tests to verify that hard copy and electronic data match. Check that the dates and time, linearity error, relative accuracy, and bias adjustment factors (BAF) match. (See the RATA review sheet for additional checks.)

Is any other data input by hand? If so spot check to see that the DAHS data agree with hard copy data.

The following types of data may be entered manually:

-Negative (< 0) emission values

-Erroneous emission values (if significant must be approved by EPA)

-SO2 concentration < 2.0 ppm

-Reference method back-up data

-RATA reference method data and RATA results

-Leak checks, 7-day calibration error tests, and cycle time tests

-Operating data (load and time)

-Add-on control equipment operation during missing data periods [See item 8, below]

Page A-8                                                                                                        Part 75 Field Audit Manual – July 16, 2003

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