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Appendix D Inspections Sheets                                                                               Appendix A

Fuel Flowmeter Checks


Is the fuel flow meter a designated billing meter? Billing meters are exempt from quality assurance requirements.  The billing meter designation should be in the electronic monitoring plan.  No further checks are necessary.

Billing Meter:YesNo

Are the fuel flow meter test procedures and the transducer or transmitter accuracy test procedures outlined in the plan?  Ask the source how often (and how) the tests are performed, and compare to the plan and Part 75 requirements.

Ask the source for a copy of the fuel flowmeters accuracy test report, which should be in a format similar to Part 75, Appendix D, Table D-1 or D-2.  You can verify the test calculations.

Check that the hardcopy fuel flowmeter accuracy test results match the electronic values reported in the EDR.  MDC can provide a copy of the electronic report that you can bring to the plant.   

What types of maintenance checks are performed on the fuel flow meters? What are the primary element inspection procedures?  Have there been any problems and how were the problems resolved?

Do the procedures match those in the QA/QC plan.

Have fuel flow meters been replaced?  Ask and compare the fuel flow meters to those identified in the monitoring plan.   Replaced fuel flow meters require recertification.

Check the fuel flowmeter, transducer, or transmitter calibration and maintenance records for QA tests, maintenance, and for malfunctions that may have caused missing data.

  4.  DAHS Checks

Fuel Flowmeter Checks


Check the current DAHS version against the monitoring plan, and check records confirming that DAHS verification tests were conducted for the missing data routines.  The latest test should have occurred no earlier than when the unit began using EDR v2.1 (or v2.2, when applicable).

How are missing data period data entered into the DAHS?  If entered by hand, spot check the data with supporting hardcopy information.

Page A-30                                                                                                       Part 75 Field Audit Manual - July 16, 2003

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