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Sample Linearity Test Standard Operating Procedure                                                Appendix A

Sample Standard Operating Procedure

Planning and Performing a Part 75 Linearity Test*

Pre- Audit Survey:

In preparation for the performance of a linearity test, it is important that the following information be obtained through a phone call to the facility's environmental coordinator:

1.How close (in feet) is it possible to back the test trailer to a point that can be used to introduce the test gases to the CEMS?  [Usually a point near the daily calibration gases for the unit.]

2.Can connection to the CEMS calibration sample injection point be made through the use of 1/4@ swagelock nut fitting?  If not what type of connector is required?

3.What is the normal sample flow rate to the analyzers at the sample point?  [That is, what are the flow rates used to perform the daily calibrations?  What sample flow rates are used to perform the quarterly linearities?]  OR, what is the usual sample delivery pressure used in conducting the quarterly linearities or daily calibrations?

4.What are the span values for the NOx, SO2, and CO2 monitors to be evaluated?

5.Is the CEMS a dilution or source level extractive system?   Are single or multiblend gases typically used for daily calibrations?

6.What is the normal response time experienced when the facility runs its quarterly linearities?

7.What additional safety requirements might be of concern in the area in which the audit is to be performed?

8.What is the plant=s policy for the use of walkie talkie equipment, if needed?  Can we use our own or do we need to ask for plant equipment?

9.Remember to mention the "Hands Off" policy and that a plant representative will be required for hooking the audit delivery line to the CEMS.  Also, plant personnel will be required to retrieve the data from the CEMS.

* This sample procedure was adapted from a procedure prepared by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Pre-Audit Preparation:

10.Select the proper gases to perform the audit based on the span values for the monitors to be evaluated.  Gas values for each pollutant must be selected such that a low range gas of 20% - 30% of the span value, a mid range gas of 50% - 60% of the span value, and a high range gas of greater than 80% of span are selected.  

Page A-32                                                                                                       Part 75 Field Audit Manual - July 16, 2003

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