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Appendix ASample Linearity Test Standard Operating Procedure


18.Back the trailer into position.

19.Open the tail gate.

20.Uncap the cylinder gases.

21.Attach the regulators.

21.a.Inspect the regulator.  Check the regulator for evidence of damage or contamination.  If there is any evidence of physical damage, or foreign material inside the regulator, do not use the regulator for the test.

21.b.Inspect the cylinder valve.  Check the cylinder valve for evidence of damage or contamination.  Remove any foreign material before attaching the regulator.

21.c.Attach the regulator.  Fasten the regulator to the cylinder and tighten the inlet nut securely.  (Do not over tighten the inlet nut or damage to the threads may occur)

21.d.Close the regulator.  To close the regulator turn the adjusting knob to the full counter-clockwise position.  The regulator must be closed before opening the cylinder valve.

21.e.With the regulator adjusting knob turned fully counter-clockwise, place both hands on the cylinder valve and open it slowly, allowing the pressure to rise gradually in the regulator.  Stand as shown (see figure) with the cylinder valve between you and the regulator.  Never stand in front of the adjusting knob.

21.f.When the high-pressure gauge indicates maximum pressure, open the cylinder valve fully.

22.Connect each regulator to the gas delivery manifold.

23.Connect the gas delivery manifold to the gas delivery line and have plant personnel attach the line to the CEMS system at the proper injection point.  The injection point should direct the cylinder gases through all components of the sampling system and conditioning systems.

Linearity Test Procedure:

24.Start the flow of the low range gas to the system at a rate equal to the rate normally used to perform linearities and daily calibration.  

25.Wait for the readings on the analyzer(s) to become stable.

26.Record the concentration displayed by the analyzer.

27.Repeat Steps 24 - 26 for the mid range gas.

Part 75 Field Audit Manual - July 16, 2003                                                                                                       Page A-34

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