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Trustees' Fees and Expenses. The Fund paid retainer fees to each Trustee not affiliated with the Advisor, plus specified amounts to the Board Chairperson and Vice Chairperson and to each committee Chairperson.

Affiliated Cash Management Vehicles. The Fund may invest uninvested cash balances in Central Cash Management Fund and Deutsche Variable NAV Money Fund, affiliated money market funds which are managed by the Advisor. Each affiliated money market fund seeks to provide a high level of current income consistent with liquidity and the preservation of capital. Each affiliated money market fund is managed in accordance with Rule 2a‐7 under the Investment Company Act of 1940, which governs the quality, maturity, diversity and liquidity of instruments in which a money market fund may invest. Central Cash Management Fund seeks to maintain a stable net asset value, and Deutsche Variable NAV Money Fund maintains a floating net asset value. The Fund indirectly bears its proportionate share of the expenses of each affiliated money market fund in which it invests. Central Cash Management Fund does not pay the Advisor an investment management fee. To the extent that Deutsche Variable NAV Money Fund pays an investment management fee to the Advisor, the Advisor will waive an amount of the investment management fee payable to the Advisor by the Fund equal to the amount of the investment management fee payable on the Fund's assets invested in Deutsche Variable NAV Money Fund.

Securities Lending Agent Fees. Deutsche Bank AG serves as securities lending agent for the Fund. For the six months ended June 30, 2014, the Fund incurred securities lending agent fees to Deutsche Bank AG in the amount of $1,093.

E. Line of Credit

The Fund and other affiliated funds (the “Participants”) share in a $400 million revolving credit facility provided by a syndication of banks. The Fund may borrow for temporary or emergency purposes, including the meeting of redemption requests that otherwise might require the untimely disposition of securities. The Participants are charged an annual commitment fee which is allocated based on net assets, among each of the Participants. Interest is calculated at a rate per annum equal to the sum of the Federal Funds Rate plus 1.25 percent plus if LIBOR exceeds the Federal Funds Rate the amount of such excess. The Fund may borrow up to a maximum of 33 percent of its net assets under the agreement. The Fund had no outstanding loans at June 30, 2014.

F. Ownership of the Fund

At June 30, 2014, two participating insurance companies were beneficial owners of record of 10% or more of the total outstanding Class A shares of the Fund, each owning 48% and 19%, respectively. At June 30, 2014, four participating insurance companies were beneficial owners of record of 10% or more of the total outstanding Class B shares of the Fund, owning 41%, 21%, 20% and 19%. At June 30, 2014, one participating insurance company was a beneficial owner of record of 100% of the total outstanding Class B2 shares of the Fund.

G. In‐Kind Redemptions

In certain circumstances, the Fund may distribute portfolio securities rather than cash as payments for a redemption of Fund shares (in‐kind redemption). For financial reporting purposes, the Fund recognizes a gain on in‐kind redemptions to the extent the value of the distributed securities exceeds their costs; the Fund recognizes a loss if cost exceeds value. Gains and losses realized on in‐kind redemptions are not recognized for tax purposes and are reclassified from undistributed realized gain (loss) to paid‐in capital. During the year ended December 31, 2013, the Fund realized $75,739,517 of net gain attributable to in‐kind redemptions.

H. Fund Name Change Effective August 11, 2014, the “DWS Funds” were rebranded “Deutsche Funds.”

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