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Advisory Agreement Board Considerations and Fee Evaluation

The Board of Trustees approved the renewal of DWS Small Cap Index VIP's investment management agreement (the “Agreement”) with Deutsche Investment Management Americas Inc. (“DIMA”) and sub‐advisory agreement (the “Sub‐Advisory Agreement” and together with the Agreement, the “Agreements”) between DIMA and Northern Trust Investments, Inc. (“NTI”) in September 2013.

In terms of the process that the Board followed prior to approving the Agreements, shareholders should know that:

  • In September 2013, all of the Fund's Trustees were independent of DIMA and its affiliates.

  • The Trustees met frequently during the past year to discuss fund matters and dedicated a substantial amount of time to contract review matters. Over the course of several months, the Board's Contract Committee, in coordination with the Board's Equity Oversight Committee, reviewed comprehensive materials received from DIMA, independent third parties and independent counsel. These materials included an analysis of the Fund's performance, fees and expenses, and profitability compiled by a fee consultant retained by the Fund's Independent Trustees (the “Fee Consultant”). The Board also received extensive information throughout the year regarding performance of the Fund.

  • The Independent Trustees regularly meet privately with their independent counsel to discuss contract review and other matters. In addition, the Independent Trustees were also advised by the Fee Consultant in the course of their review of the Fund's contractual arrangements and considered a comprehensive report prepared by the Fee Consultant in connection with their deliberations.

  • In connection with reviewing the Agreements, the Board also reviewed the terms of the Fund's Rule 12b‐1 plan, distribution agreement, administrative services agreement, transfer agency agreement and other material service agreements.

  • Based on its evaluation of the information provided, the Contract Committee presented its findings and recommendations to the Board. The Board then reviewed the Contract Committee's findings and recommendations.

In connection with the contract review process, the Contract Committee and the Board considered the factors discussed below, among others. The Board also considered that DIMA and its predecessors have managed the Fund since its inception, and the Board believes that a long‐term relationship with a capable, conscientious advisor is in the best interests of the Fund. The Board considered, generally, that shareholders chose to invest or remain invested in the Fund knowing that DIMA managed the Fund, and that the Agreement was approved by the Fund's shareholders. DIMA is part of Deutsche Bank AG, a major global banking institution that is engaged in a wide range of financial services. The Board believes that there are advantages to being part of a global asset management business that offers a wide range of investing expertise and resources, including hundreds of portfolio managers and analysts with research capabilities in many countries throughout the world.

As part of the contract review process, the Board carefully considered the fees and expenses of each DWS fund overseen by the Board in light of the fund's performance. In many cases, this led to a negotiation with DIMA of lower expense caps as part of the 2012 and 2013 contract review processes than had previously been in place. As part of these negotiations, the Board indicated that it would consider relaxing these new lower caps in future years following sustained improvements in performance, among other considerations.

In June 2012, Deutsche Bank AG (“DB”), DIMA's parent company, announced that DB would combine its Asset Management (of which DIMA was a part) and Wealth Management divisions. DB has advised the Independent Trustees that the U.S. asset management business is a critical and integral part of DB, and that it has, and will continue to, reinvest a significant portion of the substantial savings it expects to realize by combining its Asset Management and Wealth Management divisions into the new Asset and Wealth Management (“AWM”) division, including ongoing enhancements to its investment capabilities. DB also has confirmed its commitment to maintaining strong legal and compliance groups within the AWM division.

While shareholders may focus primarily on fund performance and fees, the Fund's Board considers these and many other factors, including the quality and integrity of DIMA's and NTI's personnel and such other issues as back‐office operations, fund valuations, and compliance policies and procedures.

Nature, Quality and Extent of Services. The Board considered the terms of the Agreements, including the scope of advisory services provided under the Agreements. The Board noted that, under the Agreements, DIMA and NTI provide portfolio management services to the Fund and that, pursuant to a separate administrative services agreement, DIMA provides administrative services to the Fund. The Board considered the experience and skills of senior management and investment personnel, the resources made available to such personnel, the ability of DIMA to attract and retain high‐quality personnel, and the organizational depth and stability of DIMA. The Board also requested and received information regarding DIMA's oversight of Fund sub‐advisors, including NTI. The

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