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May 2006, State Employee of the Month Trooper Matthew Keeney, Department of Public Safety, Missouri State Highway Patrol

Trooper Matthew Keeney accepts the May State Employee of the Month award from Governor Matt Blunt.

Last fall, Bollinger County received seven and a half (7 ½) inches of rain in a very short time period. As a result it caused the local creeks and rivers to swell out of their banks very rapidly and many people became trapped in their homes. To make matter worse this occurred during the hours of darkness making it difficult to notify and rescue stranded citizens. The hardest hit area was the Caste River Camp Ground on Highway 34 near the Twin Bridges area. By the time campers received notification of flooding, the quickly rising river completely blocked the road exiting the campground cutting off any route of escape. The Bollinger Sheriff’s Department and Fire Department responded and began rescuing stranded campers by boat. Sheriff Terry Wiseman was using his own personal boat but his motor was not strong enough to combat the swift current of the rising river. Seeing the need for a boat and motor capable of maneuvering through the currents, the sheriff’s office contacted off-duty Trooper Keeney at 0400 hours (4:00 am). Trooper Keeney, who is adept in handling his boat and equipment, responded to the call and was able to battle the strong currents. His selfless actions resulted in the saving of the lives of six adults and three children who would have drown in the swift current of the raging river if not for the quick actions and expert handling of his boat. The Department of Public Safety, Missouri State Highway Patrol and the citizens of Missouri are well served by Trooper Keeney’s bravery and dedication to duty.

June 2006, State Employee of the Month Dennis Moore, Department of Health and Senior Services

Governor Matt Blunt presents Dennis Moore with the June State Employee of the Month Award

When Missouri citizens are ill and oftentimes at their most vulnerable, they turn to their health care practitioners, licensed professionals place d in a position of trust, for assistance. The diversion of drugs of illicit purposes is a threat to the public and, more importantly, impaired practitioners who are practicing while under the influence of drugs create a significant risk to the public’s health and safety. During the fall of 2005, Mr. Moore identified 5 practitioners that were either impaired while practicing or illegally distributing controlled substances. The first doctor closed his registration and left the state of Missouri, and the second and third doctors surrendered their registrations and authority to Mr. Moore and the United State Drug Enforcement Administration (USDEA). The fourth doctor confessed to Dennis during an inspection, suspended his practice, and is in treatment. Most significantly, the fifth practitioner confessed that he had been issuing fraudulent prescriptions in the names of real patients so that the drugs, when returned to the practitioner, were illegally distributed to people outside of the scope of his practice. Dennis took the time to gather all of the prescription records and visit the home of a senior citizen to review her medications. Through this personal visit and process, it became apparent that she had not received the medications. Notification of the fraud was provided to the pharmacy and ultimately the insurer. As a result of this investigation the practitioner’s employment was terminated, along with the authority to conduct activities with controlled substances. All five of the practitioners mentioned will also face possible actions by their respective licensing boards and criminal and administrative actions by the USDEA. Mr. Moore’s, investigations and extra efforts have made citizens significantly and exponentially safer and his professional, quiet and unassuming manner have caused many practitioners to thank him for saving lives. The impact and benefit of Mr. Moore’s work toward citizens’ safety is immeasurable.

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