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application. Clicking “All Slams” opens a list of all groups of which the user is a member. The conversation section of the main screen shows unread messages. Clicking a message opens the full message, at which point the user can navigate to the conversation for that group. Clicking the “Conversation” header bar opens an inbox of all messages across all groups. Finally, the “Jams” section of the main screen shows upcoming events.

The group conversation screen (Figure 2), is a reverse chronological list of messages shared amongst the group. This was modeled after the typical SMS inbox in an attempt to maintain simplicity. However, in addition to text messages, shared photos and group membership changes are also reported as part of the conversation. From this screen, the user can send a new message or photo to the group, can view messages or photos full screen, can remove one’s self from the group, and can invite new members to the group.

To create a new group, the user opens the new group screen (Figure 3) by selecting ‘New Slam’ from the main menu on the Slam home screen, gives the group a name, and then adds members either from existing groups or from the device’s contact list before clicking ‘Create’. Invited individuals will receive the invite in their Slam inbox. This process is particularly quick when selecting invitees from previously existing Slam groups, as entire groups can be selected in a single thumb click, followed by minor modifications to the final list of invitees.

Figure 1: Application home screen

Figure 2: Group conversation screen

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